Senior Latex Engineer

My name is Daniel VERTON, and I'm a cybersecurity engineer from Paris, born in 2000. My story is that of a technology enthusiast who has always had an interest in computing, a passion that took root in my childhood thanks to my parents, my mother a biology teacher and my father a microwave engineer. It was at the age of 10 that I began to explore the world of programming.

After passing my baccalauréat with honors, I went on to study computer engineering at the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées in Lyon. It was there that I discovered my true passion: cybersecurity.

My first step into the professional world led me to join a renowned company in Paris as a trainee cybersecurity engineer. Over the years, I've made a name for myself thanks to my exceptional skills in data protection, threat detection and strengthening network security.

However, I had long nurtured the dream of working abroad. I undertook an extensive search for telecommuting opportunities abroad, reconciling my career with my desire to discover new horizons.

Working from home has enabled me to maintain a balance between my career in cybersecurity and my personal life.I've been able to spend more time with my girlfriend in Lyon, while collaborating effectively with my team abroad.

I continue to evolve in the cybersecurity field, sharing my knowledge and expertise with the global community. My success as a cybersecurity engineer telecommuting abroad is an inspiring example for many professionals aspiring to a similar career.My journey demonstrates how determination, expertise and the constant pursuit of excellence can open doors to a promising future in an ever-changing connected world. 

My adventure in the world of cybersecurity continues, and I look forward to taking on new and exciting challenges.

Experience: No experience

Yearly salary: $70,000

Hourly rate: $45

Nationality: 🇫🇷 France

Residency: 🇫🇷 France


Period Title Company
2021 - 2021 Developer Anacours