Senior Web Ui Developer

Senior Web UI Developer


• I worked building the supply chain platform for an electric car company called Rivian.

• The architecture of the project was based on a micro frontend architecture using Webpack module federation to load the different modules from the shell.

• I worked with AWS services (App Sync, Dynamo DB, S3, Cognito), React, Redux in an agile methodology with team members around the world.

• I helped the company create a design system so the components could be reusable and the modules would have the same look and feel.

• I have been leading the architecture decisions of one of the modules to monitor the different integrations that we have in the project.


Senior Web UI Developer

Great Minds (USA)

• I worked on building an educational platform for elementary schools in the USA.

• We used Node.js, Strapi, MongoDB, React, Redux to build the platform.

• Performance and scalability were essential topics to consider due to the number of people using the platform, so we had to be in touch with DevOps and monitor the AWS services' metrics regularly to make data-driven decisions.


Web UI Developer

Disney (USA)

• I worked on a marketing application for Disney, integrating Fox Systems with Disney Systems. In this project, I used React, Redux, Redux Saga, and the Disney libraries.

• We analyzed the architecture to move to a frontend architecture using different alternatives such as web components, single-spa, and module webpack federation.


Web UI Developer

Trinaturk (USA)

• I worked on building an e-commerce site for Trinaturk, integrating marketing and analytics tools (Google Analytics, Google Tag, etc.), and managing payment integrations.

• The user experience (UX) was crucial in this project, so we had to be very careful with the look and feel of the platform.


Web UI Developer

Inter American Development Bank

• I worked for IDB (Inter-American Development Bank) on a project called "My IDB Operations." In this project, I worked with a globally distributed team, using agile methodologies and third-party enterprise libraries to display financial reports through graphics and tables.


Software Architect

CEIBA Software House, Medellin

• I worked on a financial project, creating highly available and reactive applications to notify users about loans, using modern technologies and following good coding practices.

• I worked on developing the software core for the largest insurance company in Colombia (SURA). I was responsible for migrating old modules to a new tech stack, resulting in improved performance and user experience.

• We followed scrum methodologies.



SAPCO, Medellin

• I worked in a startup, creating hybrid mobile applications and web applications.

• In SAPCO, I worked with Cordova, Ionic Framework, PL/SQL, Node.js, Express, Angular, and AWS information systems.

• I had to make architecture and business decisions as we were building something new from scratch, following the lean startup method.

Experience: 8 years

Yearly salary: $120,000

Hourly rate: $60

Nationality: 🇨🇴 Colombia

Residency: 🇨🇴 Colombia


Period Title Company
2021 - 2023 Senior Web UI Developer RIVIAN
2017 - 2021 Senior Web UI Developer Globant
2015 - 2017 Software architect CEIBA Software House,
2014 - 2015 Developer SAPCO