Senior Software Developer


Blockchain | Data Science | Cloud­­­ | DevOps


Senior IT Manager/Software Developer and outstanding performer in Blockchain, Data Science, Cloud and DevOps. Proven success in leadership, operational excellence and organizational development with keen understanding of elements of business. Recognized for inspiring management team members to excel and encouraging creative work environments.


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Work Experience



·         Architect, Design and Deploy solutions using blockchains.

·         Design and developed blockchain solution for digital securities (sukuk) in Islamic finance.

·         Design and deployed the infrastructure for Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains hosted on-premises Kubernetes clusters.

·         Used Digital Ocean cloud to deploy the blockchain solutions.

·         Provided end-to-end support for the project delivery.

·         Collaborate with various line of business technology teams to design and build robust and performant blockchain-based solutions.

·         Research, strategize & development in the field of different blockchain technologies and automation solutions. 

·         Design Continuous Improvement activities.

·         Designed and Developed the Smart Contract for Hyperledger and Ethereum Blockchain Solutions.

·         Designed and Developed the UI in View.js, HAPI frameworks. Developed backend APIs in Node.js.

·         Client facing role for demonstrating the technical capabilities to clients.

·         Monitored and tested application performance to identify potential bottlenecks, develop solutions, and collaborate with developers on solution implementation.

·         Technical lead in all phases of system development life cycle, from requirements analysis through system implementation.



 ·         Completed technical reviews of existing monolithic systems and suggested updates or changes, resulting in migration to on-premises k8s environments.

·         Lead 8-member technical team in blockchain and data science.

·         Quick learner and managing operations of different emerging technologies like Blockchain, Data Science, Multi-party Computing (MPC), Quantum computers.

·         Developed solutions in collaboration with cross culture teams.

·         Proactive Bug fixes leading to business improvement.

·         Having 6.5+ years of experience in Planning, Developing and Implementing Applications in Cloud, Mobility & Blockchain. 

·         Playing the role of Technical Advisor for emerging technologies with the primary focus area on Blockchain and Cloud. 

·         Blockchain Engineer for designing and developing Blockchain solution for business domains. 

·         Infrastructure owner in the Telecommunication project.

·         Started the career as Software Developer and upskilled myself with the Hybrid Mobile Application Development, Cloud Development, Infrastructure Management, DevOps etc., 

·         Conducted training programs to internal and other department teams in Docker, Kubernetes.

·         Worked closely with customers, internal staff and other stakeholders to determine planning, implementation and integration of system-oriented projects.

·         Undertaken training on a wide variety of subject areas like Blockchains, Multiparty Computing, AI, Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP, Computer Vision, Python, Go Lang, C#, Django, Databases, Frontend frameworks, CCNA and others.

·         Managed Value-Added Services (VAS) operations using Ozeki SMPP gateway in the very early days of my career.

·         Very well understand the language of Design Patterns.



·         Run regtest network in on-premises k8s

·         Run testnet network in on-premises k8s

·         Interact with the chains RPC using curl and perform transactions

·         Clearly understand the flow of private/public key pair generation

·         Clearly understand the btcd, bitcoind daemons

·         Use bitcoin testnet network as backbone for lightning network

·         Deployed local instances of NBitcoin, Nxplorer, NBTCServer to accept bitcoin payments.

·         Studied several BIPS (70, 173, 340, 341, 342)

·         Developed API to accept Bitcoin payments and integrated it with Capital House project.


Bitcoin Lightning Network

·         Run and maintain local instance of testnet lightning network (litd, lnd, loop, pool, faraday, taro) in on-premises k8s environment.

·         Run and maintain local instance of mainnet lightning network (litd, lnd, loop, pool, faraday, taro) in on-premises k8s environment.

·         Deployed BTC Pay Server and integrated with Bitcoin testnet and Lightning Network testnet. This enables crypto currency transfers across Bitcoin like currencies.



·         Run on-premises Ethereum 2.0 test (goerli) and main networks.

·         Smart contract development using Solidity. Used various IDEs and tools to develop, test and deploy code to the Goerli network.

·         Can interact with Metamask wallet from vue.js frontend for Ethereum Goerli network.

·         Used Securosys HSM for Ethereum private/public key lifecycle management.

·         Perform mining to get Goerli test tokens.

·         NFT marketplace experience



·         Running and maintaining validator node on-premises for Sovrin blockchain network.


Hyperledger Fabric

·         Deployed and tested the fabric network in kubernetes environment


Blockchain Gateway

·         Created micro services (swagger endpoints) for Bitcoin and Geth in Nodejs.

·         Created Gateway API, an aggregator for various micro services.

·         Deployed the services to Kubernetes clusters using CI/CD pipelines.


NFT Marketplace

·         Created a marketplace portal where all the tokens (fungible and non-fungible) can be created and managed.

·         Registered marketplace individual service components as services for user subscription.


Crypto Wallet

·         Created wallet API and registered in OgStack marketplace.

·         Wallet API allows to manage the keys for both Bitcoin and Ethereum.


Regtech Gateway

·         Created micro services (swagger endpoints) for various KYC, KYB & AML integrations in .Net Core.

·         Created Gateway API, an aggregator for various micro services.

·         Deployed the services to Kubernetes clusters using CI/CD pipelines.



·         Create and deploy APIs to on-premises k8s clusters

·         Use Git, GitHub, Ansible, Docker, k8s for CI/CD

·         Create frontends in Vue.js consuming the backend APIs.

·         Worked on completed end-to-end blockchain project (asset tokenization) in Node.js with NFTs (fungible and non-fungible). 

·         Integrated with Securosys Cloud based HSM for key governance/management/repository.



·         Design, develop and deploy .NET applications in on-premises k8s following the complete CI/CD pipelines.

·         Design, develop and deploy various services following micro-service architecture. Developed API Gateway using Ocelot to aggregate several micro-services. 

·         Run several sidecar containers along with main applications to collect metrics about the application and integrate with Grafana for visualization to aid in service monitoring.

·         Created several multi-threaded desktop applications for supporting Value-Added service applications.

·         Wrote integration APIs for payment channels with banks.

·         Wrote integration APIs for Regtech and registered with on-premises Og Stack to offer businesses Og Sanctions as a service.

·         Studied various open source projects including from Bitcoin NBitcoin, NBxplorer, NBtcPayServer etc.,


Infrastructure and Virtualization

·         Manage two Platinum host nodes with high configuration

·         Deployed proxmox KVM on two hosts

·         Create and manage Virtual Machines using proxmox

·         Deployed k3s k8s clusters

·         Manage Synology NAS servers and use as storage for VMs and k8s workloads

·         Manage SAN storage directly connected to hosts

·         Created block storage on non-RAID disks from hosts

·         Deployed Ubuntus, Debians, Windows, k3os machines as VMs

·         Deployed HAProxy to load-balance among various k8s clusters by routing traffic to various k8s clusters based on DNS address (dev/tst/stg/pro.<company>.com)

·         Created API to offer infrastructure as service to business by integrating with Proxmox API.

·         Managed NAS, SAN, CEPH storages and provisioned storage on k8s.



·         Understand the docker architecture very well.

·         Using docker as hosting environment in k8s.

·         Write Docker files for various workloads coming from .NET, Node.js, Python, Go Lang etc.,



·         Deploy and maintain on-premises k8s clusters for the organization

·         Manage teams with permissions for namespace level access

·         Write k8s namespaces, secrets, deployments, services, ingresses for various workloads coming from different platforms like .NET, Node.js, Python

·         Write Helm charts for workload deployments and use them in CI/CD workflows along with Helmsman

·         Maintain k8s profiles to various teams (granting revoking permissions on resources based on needs)

·         Implemented namespace level fine grained access controls using hierarchical namespaces

·         Implemented network policies

·         Implemented multi-tenancy using kiosk

·         Implemented policy engines using kyverno

·         Implemented virtual control plane per tenant

·         Virtual clusters to support multi-tenancy

·         Strong understanding and implementation skills of Kubernetes security policy

·         Wrote Kubernetes operator for MySQL backup



·         Write CI/CD workflows for GitHub to manage multiple k8s environments (dev/test/stg/pro)

·         Follow the complete flow of CI/CD for .NET, Node.js, Python, Go Lang



·         Write workflows for GitHub Actions

·         Use ansible CI scripts in workflows for deployments

·         Use k8s clusters for deployments

·         Interact with webhooks



·         Developed and deployed CI scripts in GitHub as part of Capital House project.


Multi-party Computing

·         Studied the essence of MPC and working to implement solutions at business level.


Chat GPT

·         Studied the essence and working to implement solutions at business level.



·         Studied the open source and become farmer by contributing resources (SSD, HDD, CPU, RAM) to the network.


Data Streams and Processing

·         Stream handling using Kafka for real time and near real time data

·         Batch stream processing using Apache Spark

·         Real time stream processing using Apache Flink

·         Apache NiFi for ETL and data processing pipelines

·         Apache Airflow for scheduling tasks



·         NAS storage maintenance and provisioning in k8s and others

·         Created CEPH cluster on Proxmox

·         Configured RADOS for Object Storage

·         Created s3 storage API frontend in Vue.js for usage statistics

·         Created Object Storage API Gateway in Node.js to access Object Storage

·         Registered Object Storage API/Frontend in marketplace to offer it as service

·         Enabled k8s based multi-customer tenancy model deployment



·         Managing Ozeki gateway.

·         Developed content portal for managing all the content through Ozeki Gateway.

·         Developed applications in .Net for various value-added services like competitions, SMS2TV and several others.



Build custom OS

·         Can build and boot custom operating system with completely customized boot process.


Experience: 2 years

Yearly salary: $100,000

Hourly rate: $30

Nationality: 🇮🇳 India

Residency: 🇰🇼 Kuwait


Period Title Company
2009 - 2022 Senior Developer OneGlobal