Qa Web 3.0, Qa Engineer, Qa Automation Engineer


Highly-skilled QA Engineer with 4 years of experience specializing in WEB3, crypto, DeFi, decentralized technologies, and blockchain. A proactive leader adept at organizing QA teams, writing and executing both manual and automated test plans, and maintaining seamless project executions. Not only do I thrive in conventional corporate structures, but my experience in DAO culture also makes me adaptable to collaborative and decentralized work environments.

As a lifelong learner, I am constantly present at ETH conferences to both expand my knowledge and showcase the projects I'm part of. I am the founder of Bug Catchers, a community focused on Quality Assurance in the WEB3 space, further proving my dedication to the industry.

Skills and Technologies

- Manual Testing: Test case writing, Environment arrangement, Clear and succinct bug reporting (Jira).

- Automation Testing: Proficient in JavaScript, Selenium, Cypress, and Synpress.

- Testing Types: UI, API, Integration, Smoke, Regression.

- Team Leadership: Proven ability to lead QA teams, schedule meetings, and coordinate testing activities.

- Blockchain: In-depth understanding and experience in WEB3, crypto, and DeFi sectors.

- DAO Experience: Successful adaptation to DAO culture, capable of proactive responsibilities without the need for traditional management structures.

Professional Experience


 - Successfully performed all QA duties proactively without the need for a QA lead due to the DAO culture.

- Maintained an almost bug-free project lifecycle, collaborating effectively with team members in the realm of web3/DAO.


- Took charge of client requirement analysis.

Wrote comprehensive test casesand automation tests, arranged test environments, and executed manual testing procedures.

Community Involvement and Personal Growth

Regular attendee and presenter at ETH conferences.

Founder of Bug Catchers, a community specialized in QA for WEB3 products, functioning, and culture.

Experience: 4 years

Yearly salary: $60,000

Hourly rate: $25

Nationality: 🇷🇸 Serbia

Residency: 🇦🇹 Austria


Period Title Company
2020 - 2020 Back End Engineer Intership Bloxico
2020 - 2022 QA Engineer Bloxico
2022 - QA Engineer DXDAO
2022 - QA Engineer Carrot