Full Stack Developer

Main skills


  • Fast learner
  • Communicative
  • Honest
  • Curious
  • Responsible


  • Nodejs: 4+ years, Backend Microservices, chat bots, multiplayer game servers, OpenApi docs, REST API, tRPC backend, nextjs, angular, nest, web3, metaplex.
  • Typescript: 2+ years, Game events multiplayer server (Colyseus), Currently working full stack on web service for influencers.
  • Git: prefer to work in git-flow pattern, understand how does git stores commits and branches but basically everything rolls back to git commit -m "fix" && git push.
  • Task management: Jira, Atlassian, Asana.
  • Turborepo: 6+ months.
  • Docker: have an experience writing docker files with a lot of possible configs. Know how to run containers in separate subnet and set up volumes for data storages.
  • Linux/unix: have some experience with a network stack, setting up server machines for running different services and processes, know how to set up cron jobs.
  • C#: 4+ years, unity, have an experience with early access game deployment to oculus store, deployment to iOS & play market. Know how to do math, physics, geometry and other "hard" things that are related to game development :)
  • Go, Rust, FunC, Solidity: started learning for personal projects, currently experimenting and researching with telegram web apps and smart contracts.
  • Project management: had an experience with team management, setting goals, filling backlog and prioritizing tasks.
  • Community management: twitch streamer and partner 20k+ followers.
  • English level: C1, freely can listen and write. Love watching movies and tvs in english. Learned English in LA, Miami, Malta.


  • React: 6 months, NextJS, pages & components markdown, data binding, smart & dumb components, hooks, react-query. Know about Vite.
  • Angular: 1 year, pages & components markdown, modules, services, data binding, smart & dumb components, rxjs, ngrx, ngxs.
  • Styling: Tailwind, TailwindUI, HeadlessUI, MaterialUI, taigaUI, primeng, css, scss, sass. Prefer to work with Figma.
  • Data fetching: Axios, tRPC, REST API. Had little experience with GraphQL API.


  • NestJS: 1 year, had experience developing microservice structure, Rest, trpc, databases, sockets, typeorm.
  • Databases: postgres, mysql, mongo, sqlite, mariadb, know how to develop database structures, prefer to use Prisma or TypeORM.
  • Blockchain: Understand web3 and smart contracts. Etherium, Solana, TON. Basic knowledges of Solidity, Rust, funC. Understand difference between NFT and SFT. Implemented Solana Metaplex API.
  • Security frameworks: jwt, jws, sessions, data hashing.
  • Swagger/openapi: using it for generating clients/servers whenever possible. Most of the services I've created were described with swagger firstly, then client api generated.
  • CI tools: vercel, github actions + secrets, prometheus, grafana, loki, active directory, know about kubernetes. Had experence with github action, auto-deploy new builds. Know how to set up metrick control systems for services.
  • Raw virtualization: worked with VMWare and vSphere, know how QEMU works and differences between virtualization and containerization. Know that architechture could be emulated. Had experience with setting up scripts for virtual box.
  • Cloud tech: had expirience with Yandex.Cloud ecosystem. NGINX, reverse proxy, load balanser. Know about serverless functions and databases.

Hobbies, interests, etc.

I'm really into self improvement and building different skills. 

  • System and product design.
  • Robotics, electrical and circuit engineering (arduino, raspberryPI, DIY, 3d printing)
  • Vocal and music composing (DAWs - FL Studio, reaper, cubase, Ableton)
  • Oratory and acting

Experience: 5 years

Yearly salary: $100,000

Hourly rate: $70

Nationality: 🌏 Remote

Residency: 🇬🇪 Georgia


Period Title Company
2022 - 2022 Front end web3 developer NDA
2017 - 2021 Nodejs developer rodddev
2014 - 2017 Game developer rodddev
2021 - 2022 Full stack developer wlg