Chief Quality Assurance Officer

Professional Experience:

ADE (Years of Employment: 4+)

Automation Tester (1 year):
Conducted comprehensive automated testing for ADE's financial exchange system, specializing in futures and spot trading.
Utilized Python and Selenium to rigorously test the system's frontend, ensuring seamless user experiences.
Developed automated test suites for front-end functionality and extensively verified user interactions.

Penetration Testing and Cybersecurity (1 year):
Conducted penetration testing to evaluate the security posture of ADE's systems and applications.
Identified vulnerabilities and recommended remediation strategies, enhancing the overall security of the organization.
Contributed to the development and implementation of cybersecurity best practices, ensuring the protection of sensitive data and critical assets.

Team Lead / Project Manager (2 years):
Assumed a leadership role overseeing a dynamic testing team at ADE.
Orchestrated quality assurance efforts and guided the team in achieving test objectives.
Collaborated with cross-functional teams to enhance testing strategies and efficiency.

Chief Operating Officer (COO) (2+ years):
Transitioned into a strategic leadership position as the COO, directing company-wide operations.
Played a pivotal role in optimizing ADE's business processes and ensuring operational excellence.
Managed relationships with clients in the financial industry, including investment funds, banks, financial clearing institutions, and high-frequency trading firms.

Executive MBA (Ongoing)
Executive School of Economics and Management

Technical Expertise:
Backend Testing:

Proficient in testing backend systems, utilizing various APIs such as JSON, FIX, Mini FIX, and native binary.
Extensive experience with WebSocket protocols, ensuring real-time data exchange and system responsiveness.
Conducted comprehensive testing of backend functionalities using Python and various libraries.

Testing Methodology:
Employed a meticulous testing approach, beginning with individual request testing, progressing to test case development, and culminating in situational testing.
Specialized in evaluating system behavior under different market conditions and balance scenarios.
Demonstrated expertise in identifying and addressing edge cases to mitigate potential issues.

Automation Testing:
Developed and implemented automation tests for all six applications within ADE's system, encompassing both front-end and back-end components.
Contributed to the robustness of the system by ensuring continuous testing coverage and early issue detection.

Experience: 4 years

Yearly salary: $55,000

Hourly rate: $30

Nationality: 🇷🇸 Serbia

Residency: 🇷🇸 Serbia


Period Title Company
2019 - 2023 Quality Assurance ADE
2019 - 2019 Quality Assurance IN2
2017 - 2019 Quality Assurance Freelance
2015 - 2019 Lead Security Consultant Night Watch