Technical Product Manager

Experienced Product Manager and Analyst. Skilled in financial modelling, industry analysis, valuation, and research. 
 Interested in working with data-driven technology companies. 


Financial Engineer | Technical Product Manager – Seed Labs         
Aug 2020 – Dec 2022

Seed Labs raised $37Mn for -(Formerly Firefly.Exchange), a decentralized derivatives exchange. $180mn+ cumulative volume since Nov-2022.

I was part a two-person team responsible for the research, planning, documentation, shipping, and testing the technical design of all functions and features of the exchange.

- Smart Contracts:

·   Writing and finalizing Spec Docs with founders and guiding engineers to make smart contracts production ready.

·   Modelling capital flows and the business logic for Isolated Margin Perpetuals Smart Contracts.

·   Identified corner cases, vulnerabilities, in the business logic of Smart Contracts and implementing fixes.

- UX, UI – API Layer:

·   Research and design of key off-chain UX components of the exchange including the Orderbook, Order Management Logic, Trade and Order History Tabs, User Account Page.

·   Writing Spec Docs and Test Cases for formulas involved with order placing and auto cancellation of orders. 

·   Writing the logic for important features like Stop-Loss, OCO Orders and Reduce-Only Orders.

- Market Making / Liquidation Bots:

·   Testing and debugging of cross-exchange market making bots. 

·   Finalizing the logic for’s on-chain liquidation flow and an off-chain liquidation bot.

- Business Analytics:

·   Designed the general framework for business analytics and performance monitoring dashboards. 

· ran a brief Test-net in March 2022 with participation from 86,000 unique addresses and processed 818,000 trades in 96 hours. (20,839 unique users after adjusting for bots / farmers).

·   Analyzed UX research from the Test-net and user surveys, prioritized bug fixes and UX improvements.  

- Tokenomics:

·   Modelled the Tokenomics options for – accounting for cliffs, supply pressure, staking and burn mechanisms.

- Corp Dev Analyst (Aug 2020 – Jan 2021)

·   Preparation of pitch decks for the pre-seed and seed rounds. raised $6.4mn in the seed round at $50mn valuation and a $7.5mn Series-A at $250mn valuation.

AVP- Investment Analyst, Providus Capital Ltd                     
Mar 2017 – Feb 2021

Part of founding team.  

Economic Forecasts: 

·   Predicted Pakistan’s twin deficit crisis of 2017-2019. 

·   Studied Balance of Payments crises in developing economies like Pakistan – particularly the impact on public equity markets. We concluded that a significant devaluation and its repercussions were inevitable.  

Equity Research: Conducted equity research in the Automotive, Oil, and Chemical sectors to identify alpha generating opportunities through thorough financial modeling, news and policy analysis, and industry networking. 

Successful Forecasts: 

·   90%+ return on investment in Century Paper based on government-led tightening against smuggling/dumping of packaging goods.

·   50%+ return on investment in Attock Refinery short. Predicted a oversupply in Furnace Oil supply chain. 

·   50%+ return on investmentin Hascol short: Evaluated that Hascol’s earnings were inflated, and predicted a significant correction in stock price.

·   60%+ return in Pakistan State Oil long: Identified opportunity in PSO at Rs. 110/sh, stock and went to above Rs.200/sh. 

·   Predicted that a scheduled factory shutdown in Korea will allow Pakistani manufacturers to earn supernormal profits for a few quarters. Sitara Peroxide’s stock went from Rs.18/sh in Aug-2018 to Rs.40/sh in Oct-2018.

·   Forecasted significant demand attrition in the Automobile industry in 2019-2020, ahead of the market.

Research Analyst, Al Meezan Investments                           
Oct 2014 – Mar 2017


CFA Institute | CFA Level-1 , Dec-2015
IBA - Karachi
| Bachelors of Business Administration, 2010-2014


Skills: Proficient in Microsoft Excel, Financial Modeling, MS Word, MS PowerPoint and Bloomberg Terminal. 

Interests: Reading, Macroeconomics, freelance writing, solving twisty puzzles, Sustainable Organic Urban Agriculture. 

Languages: Fluent in English and Urdu.

Experience: 8 years

Yearly salary: $70,000

Hourly rate: $45

Nationality: 🇵🇰 Pakistan

Residency: 🇵🇰 Pakistan


Period Title Company
2017 - 2020 AVP-Senior Investment Analyst Providus Capital
2014 - 2017 Manager-Research Anlayst Al Meezan Investment Management Ltd
2020 - 2022 Technical Product Manager Bluefin Exchange