Nft Art Manager

My journey into the realm of art, NFTs, and web3 commenced in 2020 when I was introduced to this vibrant space by a community of like-minded artists on Twitter. Initially, I shared my digital art on social media platforms for fun, but my architectural dreamscape pieces gained significant traction, propelling me into the spotlight.

As demand grew, I began accepting commissions, crafting album covers for musicians who discovered my work online. Delving deeper, I familiarized myself with NFTs and the intricacies of web3, envisioning a sustainable livelihood through my creations. My foray into platforms like Rarible led to a breakthrough when I joined SuperRare, a renowned fine art NFT platform, selling out 18 one-of-a-kind pieces swiftly.

Recognized for my success, I attracted offers from other platforms, opting for OpenSea, where my 10-piece collection sold out in under 4 minutes, elevating my profile further. This led to invitations for local and international exhibitions, including a Times Square billboard show at NFT.NYC and panel appearances such as The Financial Times Festival.

Beyond personal growth, I leveraged my strong community and expanding following to bridge connections into the corporate world, serving as an art manager for Reality +, a blockchain-based games development company. Notable projects included managing art drops for ITV and the BBC, as well as orchestrating the launch of Thunderbirds Reimagined, where I oversaw art direction and hosted launch events.

Transitioning to eBay's web3 team post the KnownOrigin acquisition, I spearheaded the establishment of a new NFT art vertical. Leveraging my network, I curated a select group of 30 renowned artists to create a body of work for the platform's launch, overseeing the project from inception to execution.

Driven by my passion for web3's potential, I am committed to advancing the industry's growth. I believe my dedication and experience make me a strong candidate, and I'm eager to explore potential collaborations aligned with our shared vision for the industry's development.

Thank you for considering my contributions, and I look forward to discussing how we can align our values further in a potential partnership.

Experience: 5 years

Yearly salary: $70,000

Hourly rate: $40

Nationality: 🇬🇧 United Kingdom

Residency: 🇬🇧 United Kingdom


Period Title Company
2020 - 2021 Talent Onboarding Coordinator Artist Sourced, Digital
2021 - 2022 NFT Art Manager Reality Gaming Group, Digital
2023 - 2024 Artist and Collector Liason eBay, Digital
2020 - Self Employed NFT Artist MVHVMA, Crypto Art