Web3 Software Engineer

Video Summary (Blockchain Experience): 
  • Experienced Blockchain Developer with 3 years of development and 8 years of overall IT experience.
  • Proficient in Smart Contract development, and deployment using Foundry, Hardhat & Truffle frameworks.
  • Strong programming skills in Solidity and JavaScript.
  • Web3 libraries like Web3.js, Ethers.js, and Alchemy SDK. Hands-on with Foundry tools such as Forge, Cast & Anvil.
  • Hands-on experience with ERC20 and ERC 721 based token development.
  • Excellent knowledge of blockchain use cases like Cryptocurrency, Smart Contracts, Wallets, Digital Assets, Tokens, DeFi, NFT, Oracles.
  • Expertise in P2P, hash functions, smart contract proxy patterns, security and gas optimisation. Knowledge of distributed ledgers & public key cryptography.
  • Good knowledge of data structures like Merkle trees.

  • Databases: MySQL, Google Big Query, S3 & IPFS.
  • Frontend: HTML/CSS, JS, React JS, ChakraUI.
  • Blockchain libraries: Openzeppelin, Chainlink, Opensea.
  • Cloud: AWS, Amazon Managed Blockchain.
  • Tools: Docker, Git and Unix


NFT Digital assets (Ethereum, Polygon, ERC 721) 

  • Developed ERC 721-based NFT smart contracts using Solidity, Remix & Hardhat.
  • Created smart contracts for NFT token minting, burning, and enumeration.
  • Developed robust & secure NFT smart contracts incorporating modifiers.
  • Implemented exception handling and business logic using require/revert clauses.
  • Deployed NFT assets and metadata on IPFS decentralized storage.
  • Integrated NFT contracts using Opensea/test net APIs.
  • Proficient in Solidity, Smart Contracts, NFT, ERC 721, Ethereum, Polygon, JavaScript.
  • Skilled in Hardhat, Remix, IPFS, Openzeppelin, ERC721, ethers.js, and web3 API.

EVM Smart contracts - Ethereum, Polygon

Multi-Party Escrow DApp

  • Built an escrow application built with Solidity, Hardhat and React frontend.
  • Dapp connects to Ethereum blockchain for interacting with escrow contract(s).
  • Smart contracts development using Solidity and Hardhat framework.
  • Role-based Access implementation for depositor, beneficiary, and arbiter.
  • Solidity Modifiers implemented for security and role-based access.
  • App transfers funds held in escrow to beneficiary instantly.
  • Escrow approval limited by role for authorised access.
  • Solidity Events integrated for off chain consumption by backend.
  • Codebase available on deployed to GitHub.
  • Dapp URL:
  • Skilled in Solidity, React, Smart Contracts, Ethereum, Hardhat, and ethers.js.

Block explorer DApp

  • Built a blockchain explorer to fetch on-chain data using Alchemy SDK and APIs.
  • React Frontend Components for separation of concern and build cleaner code.
  • Extensive usage of UseState, UseEffect & UseParams React state hooks.
  • React Router usage for faster page navigation and redirects.
  • Asynchronous function calls with JavaScript promises and Async/Await implementation.
  • Fetch block, transaction & address data on Ethereum blockchain using alchemy SDK.
  • Dapp URL:
  • Solidity, React, Ethereum, Alchemy API, Hardhat, and ethers.js skills.

D-Bank Dapp (Ethereum, Smart contracts)

  • Built a decentralised (DeFi) bank Dapp with automated deposit and interest-bearing features.
  • Deployed DeFi Dapp smart contracts to EVM chains.
  • Skilled in DeFi, Solidity, Smart Contracts, Ethereum, Polygon, EVM, Git, Hardhat, React, Web3.JS.

Crypto Token Sale ICO DAPP (Ethereum, Smart contracts)

  • Developed a ICO Dapp for decentralised, smart contract based token sale.
  • Smart contracts development on Solidity.
  • Test-driven development using Hardhat and Chai.
  • Solidity, JavaScript, Smart Contracts, Ethereum, Hardhat, Metamask, and web3.js skills.

Licenses & Certifications

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner - Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Blockchain Specialisation - Coursera


Experience: 3 years

Yearly salary: $85,000

Hourly rate: $40

Nationality: 🇮🇳 India

Residency: 🇮🇳 India


Period Title Company
2014 - 2017 Data Analyst Tech Mahindra
2017 - 2018 Data Scientist Core compete
2019 - 2022 Manager, Decision Sciences HSBC
2020 - 2023 Blockchain Developer Ethereum
2022 - 2022 Smart Contract Engineer [NFT Freelance] Polygon