Social Media Manager

I have had the privilege of working in the digital marketing field for some time now, and I am thrilled with the many new ways that marketing can successfully reach a relevant audience. I always stay on top of every new marketing trend, and I am especially adept at reaching a young demographic.

As the Digital Marketing Manager for Pertkraft Designs Limited, I used to oversee the online marketing strategy for the company.

The world of digital marketing is an ever-changing one. It is imperative that a marketing expert keep abreast of new techniques and statistical data on ways to reach, convert and retain consumers.

Experience: 4 years

Yearly salary: $160,000

Hourly rate: $55

Nationality: 🇰🇪 Kenya

Residency: 🇰🇪 Kenya


Period Title Company
2018 - 2022 Social Media Mnager Pertkraft Designs Limited