Product Manager

Crafting the future one project at a time. Working with global clients to make the virtual world more immersive, secure, and fun! From web3 to blockchains, AI to VR & gaming - I'm your go-to expert! #blockchain #VR #AI #gaming #web3 #chatGPT

As a Technical Program Manager, I was engaged with an experienced interdisciplinary team to design and build resilient systems for tomorrow’s web. I worked closely with the product and engineering teams to define structured workplans for our engineering teams and ultimately was responsible for the successful execution and delivery of the metaverse projects. Being adaptive, execution-oriented, and able to succeed within a fast-paced environment was key.

One of my most recent projects was similar to that of chatGPT where I was working as a consultant on the project working for human sentiments for a specific domain where the codes can be figured out with the tool. The system is in the beta phase and waiting for the next round of release. My major role was to support the development team by making sure the MVPs are running on time and the team is functioning well I was involved in the core algorithm part where we convert the queries into the NLP language, from the social media sites was tricky level which is still under development but yes I have been a major enrollment here to understand how the AI tool works.

This project not only added value to my career but also enlighted me with the next level of the AI world which is coming in the future and we all can see the success of chatGPT.

Being responsible for establishing a data insights process for making product and growth decisions. I was an all-around athlete, with strong skills from data engineering to data analytics, and has deep knowledge about modern data stack in a fast-growth startup.

- Lead the efficient delivery of cross-functional projects
- Interact with a multitude of Web3 and Research projects and other key stakeholders to define and deliver complex projects and features
- Drive team decision-making on technical decisions and ensure that appropriate resources are employed to deliver high quality results
- Identify, assess, track and mitigate issues and risks at multiple levels
- Create, maintain and disseminate project information to stakeholders
- Drive execution of projects
- Lead cross functional project meetings, communication, and decision making
- Lead milestone reviews & present project status to the executive team
- Keep program artifacts up to date and manage project document repository
- Drive quarterly goal setting, prioritization, and individual work coordination

Some responsibilities also included;

Developing project plans: This involved defining the scope of the project, setting goals and objectives, and creating a timeline for completing different tasks.

Managing budgets and resources: Responsible for allocating resources and managing the budget for the project.

Coordinating the work of team members: Was able to delegate tasks and responsibilities to team members and ensure that everyone is working towards the same goals.

Monitoring progress and adapting to changes: Was able to track the progress of the project and make adjustments as needed to keep the project on track.

Communicating with stakeholders: Was able to effectively communicate with stakeholders, including clients, team members, and upper management, to keep them informed about the progress of the project.

Managing risks: Was able to identify and mitigate potential risks to the project.

Ensuring project quality: Was responsible for ensuring that the final deliverables of the project meet the required standards and specifications.

Unlocking the potential of NFTs and blockchain technology. Helping projects raise series A funding through innovative NFT models. Let's create and disrupt together. #NFTsForTheWin #BlockchainRevolution

To manage all these projects there were different project management tools that I have used like JIRA, Asana,,, confluence, Trello MS projects, etc. These are purely based on the client's requirement and understanding and of course the budgets.

Experience: 8 years

Yearly salary: $70,000

Hourly rate: $35

Nationality: 🇮🇳 India

Residency: 🇮🇳 India


Period Title Company
2019 - Consultant for crypto,AI, web3, NFT, smart Contract, VR & ChatGPT Bots Upwork
2018 - 2019 Project Manager Webcraft IT
2016 - 2018 Product manager DroolWorthy Tech
2014 - 2016 Product Head & Project Manager WebCraft-IT