Email Marketing/Copywriting Specialist, Twitter Ghostwriter

Client Results

➤ Beat the control and more than tripled the sales of an info product with a single email.

➤ Increased open rates forever from 35% to 50% for a list of 42K subscribers, getting more sales in the process.

➤ Made over $9000 in a 4-day email-only campaign sending only 6 emails promoting a telegram community.

➤ Repeated the above 3 more times for different communities.


What I can do for you

Email and Twitter marketing.

I write emails for websites that have decent traffic and have something meaningful to sell.

Every time I come across a website with great content, I do a quick audit to see how they’re monetizing it.

I come across many sites that don’t do a good job of that.

Makes me sad considering they could *easily* earn an extra 30% if they did email marketing right.

Instead they’re wasting all their hard-earned money on just ads to bring in leads that convert poorly (at 2%).

For these websites, I can write:
- a great welcome email series that introduces the human side of business,
- an evergreen email sequence that’ll just print money even when the founders are sleeping,
- weekly sales emails that bring quick cash for the owner (in thousands of dollars)
- Relationship nurturing emails that’ll convert the visitors into loyal fans and repeat buyers

Besides, I’m also good at all things technical when it comes to email marketing. I can ensure your emails have high deliverability and doesn’t simply end up in spam. I can set up complex zapier integrations that’ll save you $$$ in terms of building a custom software.

As for Twitter, it’s my favorite social media because it has all the smart people as its users (people who love to read, as opposed to who like to watch videos and scroll). When used effectively, Twitter can bring in extremely high quality leads for your business.

If your business targets audience with high-IQ, then promote your business on Twitter. You don’t even need ads. Just aim for organic reach with good content and strategic calls to action. You’ll start printing money. I’ve done it for my clients with great success.

Specifically about Web3 and Crypto:

I was a web developer for 13 years. Wrote apps in Ruby, Ruby on Rails and Javascript. I'm that rare marketer/copywriter who can understand the technical stuff and explain it jargon-free to your audience.

Experience: 2 years

Yearly salary: $55,000

Hourly rate: $30

Nationality: 🇮🇳 India

Residency: 🇮🇳 India


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2020 - Owner RubyWords