Software Developer

I'm looking for a Junior level position with "Remote" work oppotunity or based in Germany:

  • Solidity/Solana Developer
  • Blockchain Developer
  • Backend Developer
  • Web3 Developer

My skill sets: 
  • Most efficient: 
    • Multi-programming paradigm
    • Java core
    • Python core.
  • Limited experienced: 
    • VueJS
    • ReactJS
  • Beginners: 
    • Golang 
    • Solidity
    • Truffle
    • NestJS.

About myself

In 2017, I started my first job when I'm was at my 22. I have learnt the skills and mindset much from my boss. He is 1 of the first 3 developer of the company.

I understand that sometime new technologies is only for the sake of new technologies. I was also a Web3 / Blockchain skeptic. However, as a tech enthusiast, I don't want to lock myself in a small work. I discussed a lot and started to see the importance and the vision of Blockchain and Web3. I don't want to be ignorant and stupid anymore. I would like a chance to get my hands on the technology that I trust will change the world.

I confident in my ability to learn fast, and integrate smoothly. I started in my currently company with zero knowledge and Java and Web development, but in 4 months I was able to deliver for them 2 web applications with Java as a backend, all by myself.

A bit more about myself

  • I start my first coding in 2007 at my 13th using a Pentium III PC and 250 Kbps network. My first product was a CMS and Forum for my secondary school, which was built using phpBB.

  • The next year, I won a 200$ prize by trying to put the contents of a HIV prevention campaign on a CMS using Joomla!

  • In 2009, I was trying to build a music streaming web, but then it has to be shutdown due to copyright. This is the first time I learn about copyright.

  • In the same year, I was the first one ever in my secondary school to have a prize in a city contest about coding.

  • In 2013, I started my college life as an Electrical Engineer student. I didn't chose Computer Science at that time because I was wanting to understand also the hardware part of the problem. 

  • During time at college,I have get hands on multiple projects spanning from optimize the network routing algorithm by introducing the exponential cost function, building the kinematic model for a robot's head, and optimizing the image reconstruction from fMRI machine for 40x time using CUDA. 

  • Then I got my scholarship to come to Germany in March 2017. I got my first working student job at my current company also the same year. Where I also learn Java development and started officially in the team which handle the deployment, monitoring, and orchestrating of 2500+ JVM. 

Experience: 5 years

Yearly salary: $85,000

Hourly rate: $50

Nationality: 🇻🇳 Vietnam

Residency: 🇩🇪 Germany


Period Title Company
2017 - Software Developer 360 Treasury Systems AG