Customer Service Specialist

Hello! I'm Queenie a dedicated Virtual Assistant I found out my passion amidst the pandemic. With over a year of invaluable experience as a customer service specialist, I have mastered the skill of addressing a spectrum of inquiries – from payments to enrollment, renewals, lessons, and general queries. My commitment to excellence shines as I ensure that every question finds its answer within 24-48 hours, especially during crucial launch and enrollment periods.

My role extends beyond just answers; I'm a pivotal link between new enrollees and recurring members, reminding them of payments, tracking past-due accounts, and resolving any payment discrepancies that arise. Each day, I validate received payments, meticulously ensuring accuracy. Through strategic Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), I streamline our team's task processes, fostering efficient operations and seamless customer interactions.

Beyond the screen, I'm a lively presence in our private Facebook groups, engaging members with daily posts, participating in live stream training, and taking on the challenges and boot camps of the Tribe. I also wear multiple hats, lending my support to both operations and marketing teams during face-to-face events and activities.

Join me as I continue to elevate customer experiences, one query at a time. Together, we'll navigate the digital landscape with finesse, ensuring every member's journey is as remarkable as the program itself. 

Experience: 1 year

Yearly salary: $0

Hourly rate: $15

Nationality: 🇵🇭 Philippines

Residency: 🇵🇭 Philippines


Period Title Company
2021 - 2022 Virtual Assistant The Written Podcast Agency
2022 - 2023 Virtual Assistant Harrow Communications Inc.
2022 - 2023 Customer Support Specialist The Freelance Movement