Head Of Information Security Operations

"Raghav is a Cyber Security Consultant with a demonstrated history of practicing Information Security and governance consulting for government sector clients. He is having over 9+ years of overall experience extensively in Cyber Security Testing, Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT, Security Testing, and Security Audits). He has done B. Tech and M.Sc. in Information Technology and holds various certifications like CEH, ECSA, CASP+, COBiT5, Prince2, ITILv4, & CPTC & CPTE. He has taken part in 30+ Long term Engagements with different government departments (State & Centre) and has performed more than 6000+ Application Security Assessments, 100k+ Network Security Assessments, 20+ Red Teaming/offensives Projects, 15+ Information Security Compliance and Risk Audits and is been researching on OSINT, SOAR, and Web 3.0 technologies. He is also involved in various bug bounty programs and won several Capture the flag (CTF) and has written cyber security research articles for Acunetix and Hakin9 Media’s Pentest Magazine."

  • 9+ Years of Cyber Security experience in Vulnerability Assessments & Penetration Testing Experience in Cyber Forensics, Expertise in Incident Response, Log Analysis & Threat Intelligence 
  • Experience in cyber security consulting, Business Development, Pre-Sales, & Marketing 
  • Worked on Product Security, Cloud Security (AWS Cloud) public/private cloud vendors and automation toolsets, CICD Pipelines 
  • Worked on Web 3.0 security and performed Audits for various blockchain technology like  Solidity, Ethereum, Polygon, NFT Smart Contract Audits using manual as well as automated tools like (Slither , Mythril, Manticore, Oyente, Echidna) 
  • Specialized in Cyber Security Red Team Attacks (Gophish, Atomic Red Team (ART), RAT, Caldera, Metasploit, Core Impact) 
  • Specialized in Cyber Forensics & Digital Forensics Investigations, Blue Teaming Threat Hunting & Monitoring & Malware Analysis (Autopsy, Volatility, The Hive, Cortex, DFIR,  Access Data FTK Imager, Wireshark, Cuckoo, YARA) 
  • Programming and Scripting (DevSecOps) – Linux Programming (C & C++), Web (PHP, ASP.NET, JSP), Software Developing (Java), Scripting (Perl, Python, Bash, Batch, Ruby) & Exploit Writing (Shellcoding) 
  • Expertise and Researching on Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) & ELK SIEM SOAR Solutions (Maltego, ELK Stack: Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Splunk, wazuh) 
  • Configuration and Administration of Akamai Luna & Cloudflare Control for WAF, DOS, DDOS Protection with Attack and defense strategy and testing. 
  • Expertise in Threat Modeling and work around Attack Surface mapping (Microsoft Threat Modeling 2016) 
  • Expertise in QA Manual & Automated Security Testing & Security Audits 
  • Expertise in Web & Mobile (Android & IOS) Application Penetration Testing (DAST) (Burp Suite, Acunetix, WebInspect, HCL AppScan, Rapid 7 AppSpider & Netsparker) 
  • Expertise in Network Penetration Testing (Nmap, Nessus & Nexpose) & Configurations Reviews (CIS, NIST, STIG, Nipper & Rconfigs) 
  • Expertise in Reverse Engineering and secure source code reviews (SAST) (Checkmarks, Veracode, Micro Focus, IDA, GDB WinDBG, JDB, Radare2) 
  • Experience working across functional domains like Banking, Defense, E-commerce, eLearning, eWallets, Web Portals and Mobile applications. 

Experience: 9 years

Yearly salary: $25,000

Hourly rate: $150

Nationality: 🇮🇳 India

Residency: 🇮🇳 India


Period Title Company
2022 - 2022 IT Security Manager Airtel International LLP
2017 - 2017 Security Researcher Pyramid Cyber Security & Forensic (P) Limited
2017 - 2022 Security Consultant Ernst & Young LLP
2022 - Head Of IT Security Operations DeTaSECURE
2014 - 2016 Security Analyst Octogence Technology