Middle+/Senior Backend Engineer



Voyage Finance, Fullstack developer Jul 2022 - Present, Singapore 

  • Designed and managed the backend development and CI/CD pipeline, leading the creation of a robust 
  • REST API for seamless wallet setup and integration of BuyNowPayLater NFTs. 
  • Collaborated closely on optimizing data retrieval, enhancing overall product performance, and reduc- ing latency from 2.4 seconds to 0.8 seconds by implementing an efficient indexer utilizing subgraph technology. 
  • Achieved 100% test coverage during Smart Contract development, ensuring product reliability and se- curity. 
  • Demonstrated innovation by developing a cost-effective Smart Contract indexer in pure GoLang, reducing reliance on external tools’ subscriptions and cutting operational expenses (saved $0.01 from each user). 
  • Transformed user onboarding processes by strategically harnessing OpenZeppelin defender, sentinel, and autotask, resulting in simplified workflows and an improved user experience from sign-up to product interaction. 
  • Engineered an advanced recommendation algorithm for an NFT Loan offers aggregator, delivering a remarkable 5x improvement in user experience through personalized loan suggestions. 
  • EPAM, Middle software engineer Jan 2022 - Jul 2022 
  • Drove the development of production-grade code within a complex system featuring 15 microservices, 
  • overseeing up to 100 pods, while actively collaborating with a dynamic team of 23 developers 
  • Pioneered the transformation of the authorization system, transitioning from a monolithic architecture to a highly efficient microservices architecture using gRPC, optimizing system performance and scalability 
  • Guaranteed robust code coverage by implementing meticulous testing strategies, ensuring a comprehen- sive and reliable codebase to meet system requirements and quality standards 
  • Egistic Limited, Software engineer (Co-founder, CTO) Jul 2018 - Jan 2022, Kazakhstan 
  • Designed a REST architecture to facilitate continuous image processing queries. 
  • Dramatically escalated service throughput from a mere 0 requests/day to an impressive 100,000 re- quests/day, enhancing system responsiveness and performance 
  • Strategically integrated a payment system, catapulting revenues to an astounding 100k USD / year increase and ensuring sustainable financial growth 
  • Spearheaded exponential user base growth, propelling from ground zero to a thriving community of 3000 active users (farmers) 
  • Effectively managed a colossal system encompassing 2,000,000 hectares of cultivated areas across Kaza- khstan, Russia, and Kyrgyzstan, optimizing agricultural operations at scale 
  • Secured a remarkable $300,000 in investment funding, fueling further innovation and development within the organization 
  • Engineered a groundbreaking IoT solution for farm machinery management, leveraging a high-performing multithreaded socket server and Celery, seamlessly handling an impressive stream of 10 million requests per hour 
  • Strategically engineered a comprehensive warehouse management system, featuring proactive web and mobile notifications along with an intuitive field inspection reporting system. This innovation led to a substantial reduction in farmers’ costs by significantly boosting harvest output 
  • Masterminded an end-to-end warehouse management system, complete with seamless web and mobile notifications, and an advanced field inspection reporting system empowering farmers 
  • Achieved an impressive 15% reduction in operating costs for farmers through the implementation of anti-theft measures and highly efficient coverage algorithms. 


B.Sc. in Computer Science, Nazarbayev University Minor in Mathematics, GPA: 3.67 / 4.0 


NFT Loan Aggregator,, link 

  • Created an algorithm which assists users in finding the best offers to get nft loan in the market, considering 
  • factors such as the best price, low fees, and maximum amount available. 
  • Successfully implemented the entire backend side of a platform, incorporating continuous integration and con- tinuous deployment (CI/CD) logic. 
  • Collected loan offer data from seven distinct loan providers, as NFTfi, X2Y2, and BendDao... Conducted an in-depth analysis of their business logic, utilizing reverse engineering techniques, examining smart contracts, and studying official documentation. 
  • Developed an efficient event indexer to systematically gather all metadata related to the loans, ensuring com- prehensive data coverage. 

IoT solution in Egistic, Jun 2019 - Jan 2022 

  • Enabled the real-time broadcasting of an agricultural machine’s route, fuel level, and speed. 
  • Implemented a pre-processing algorithm to seamlessly stream historical data with low latency. 
  • Integrated an algorithm to detect stop intervals, no signals, and instances of illegal work outside the field, and cases of over/reduction of speed. 
  • Established a notification system that effectively alerted users about violations through both mobile and web platforms. 
    • Languages: Python, TypeScript, GoLang, Solidity 
    • Frameworks and Technologies: Django, NodeJS, Celery, Docker, Redis, Websocket, Git, gRPC, Sentinel 
    • Relevant Coursework: Performance and Data Structures, Algorithms, Computer Networks, Software engineer- ing, Database, Operating systems, Artificial Intelligence, Mathematical analysis I and II 
    • Dean’s List (in recognition of a superior academic merit): Fall’17, Spring’18, Fall’18, Spring’19 
    • Fluent in English, Russian and Kazakh 


- 1st place in Ethereum Singapore 2023 Hackathon (game link)
Build Battlefield game on L3 gasless layer with zero-knowledge proof
- 1st place in Jump Crypto @ Pit Singapore
Developed telegram bot to enhance multisignature process in conjunction with Gnosis Safe 1st place in HackNU Hackathon among 15 teams in team of four 

- 2019 Created a visualization tool for directed graph representation of conversation using Vue.js and Django. 

- 1st place in HackNU Hackathon among 12 teams in team of three
- 2018 Developed telegram bot that facilitates easy and convenient searching and booking of plane tickets from various providers. 

Experience: 5 years

Yearly salary: $60,000

Hourly rate: $35

Nationality: 🇫🇷 France

Residency: 🇰🇿 Kazakhstan


Period Title Company
2017 - 2021 CTO, Co-founder
2022 - 2022 Middle software engineer EPAM
2022 - 2024 Software engineer Voyage Finance