Owner At Kanarick Consulting, Llc

Effiiciency is one of my specialities; AI and outsourcing help me achieve 10 hours of work in 1.

Hello, thank you for your time 🌞 

Where opportunity and helping millions await, I am ready to collaborate 📈 

I can lead, inspire, and drive results with integrity. As an entrepreneur, I believe my mindset permits me to enter any field, new or familiar, with vigor and the ability to learn hastily. 

If I don’t understand a concept, experience has shown I possess the leadership and communication abilities to deliver results with the collaboration of experts and learn anything precipitously. I can complete many hours of work in one with the proper leverage. 


Intro Video with AI


Owner @ Kanarick Consulting, LLC and Remote Solar Assistants

Commitment to excellence and past accomplishments

✅Taking ownership of all circumstances, good and bad, in my life.

✅Ever-contributing to a 2000+ page journal of entrepreneurial ideas and philosophy.

✅ Career sales of $1.5 million.

✅ Graduated #7 in high school class of ~350 with 62 college credits and a collegiate Honors Diploma received by <20 out of the 1000+ students. 

✅Graduated 1 year early and Cum Laude from the University of Florida.

✅I have fasted for a week before and have consistently completed two and three-day fasts. I believe this has built my productivity and patience immensely.

✅Ranked among the top sales reps in each commission role held.

✅Completed 1500+ Uber trips in between chasing dreams like standup comedy.

✅Consistent workout routine, rarely missing a week without going to the gym.

✅Ranked #1 as a field organizer for my campaign and recruited the #1 phone dialer in the region. 

✅ Listened to/read 1000+ podcasts, books, and audiobooks

Personality test and DISC:




✅HubSpot Email, Social Media, and Content Marketing

✅Google Ads 


✅LoopCV (Automated resume distribution)

✅Jasper and Copy AI (AI copywriting that permits me to produce 1000s of SEO-strong words in minutes)

✅ (One-click AI article generator)

✅ (Automated AI ad generator specific to any business)

✅Leadrocks (100M+ records B2B database)

✅LinkedIn Booster (Automated LinkedIn outreach and content generation)

✅Streak for Gmail (Automatically capture data from contacts and emails, track opened emails, and more)

✅Callback24 (Reduce abandoned carts with automated follow-up for undecided clients)

✅ApproveMe (Instant contract generator to prevent client nonpayment)

✅Synthesia (AI-human video software)

✅EmailBadge (Automated, crafty email signatures)

✅Postaga (Automated outreach campaigns)

✅SleekBio (Showcase all your best content in one convenient link)

✅ SendFox (Automated newsletter campaigns)

✅ ShortySMS (Text messages to engage and motivate  top customers, clients, and leads)

✅ Intellifluence (Find influencers, create campaigns, and boost awareness from one platform)

✅ Yay Images (Over 2 million beautiful stock images, vectors, and videos)

✅ VectorGrove (Millions of royalty-free vectors and graphics)

✅ KingSumo (Grow an audience with viral giveaways)

✅ Grammarly (AI autocorrect)

✅ ProWriting Grammer Aid (AI for concise, straightforward writing)

✅ Asana (Productivity tracker and optimizer)

✅Klaviyo (Email marketing and automation)

✅ Bitly (SEO-optimizing URL shortener)

Tools and habits for productivity (including deleting all personal social media):

✅ News Feed Eradicator 

✅ Shut Up: Comment Blocker 

✅ Unhook: Remove YouTube Recommended

✅ StayFocused Website Blocker

✅ AdBlock Plus

✅ Minimalist (90% of my life is automated)

✅ Fasting until noon daily

        Owning a virtual business has enabled me to find the top 1% of talent from anywhere on the planet to complete any task.

 I am a dream-chasing, opportunity-maximizing, hyper-efficient soul who believes in a utopian future. I have succeeded in sales, politics, and even stand-up comedy. I now own a business, and by overcoming countless hurdles through therapy, constant learning, and bodybuilding, I realize I can transform every situation into an ideal!

 After speaking with over 35,000 people throughout my life, between sales, traveling, and politics, I believe all of us want to live in a world that maximally permits independence, efficiency, maximized health, and longevity, so my passion in life is to promote egalitarianism. 

 No matter what the task is in front of me, I know there is a solution. This mindset has permitted my previous and ongoing success. Humbly stated, I still do not know everything and never will; this disallows my ego from slowing down progress. I only know that death is inevitable, and there is so much to live for my and others' happiness. 

        I am forever a student, knowing I have much to learn to rise above my previous self continually; it is the thrill of life! Humanity has never been in a better spot overall, and I believe we must minimize all unnecessary suffering wherever possible. I wish to join anyone who is on a similar path and sees the world in a positive light.

       I will focus and be diligent throughout this position, and I may even be the best you've hired until this point. Everything I own fits inside my carry-on luggage, maximizing my relocation ability and efficiency.

       I invest all my money into health, life, and business optimization to maximize my work output. Every day I awake and think, "What improvements can we make?" I imagine this is how the ultra-successful think, so I humbly accept the constant work with gratitude. 

       If there is anything you would like me to perform before an interview, please let me know, and I will be on top of it!

Experience: 4 years

Yearly salary: $70,000

Hourly rate: $35

Nationality: 🇺🇸 United States

Residency: 🇺🇸 United States


Period Title Company
2019 - 2019 Seasonal Summer Sales Rep EcoShield Pest Solutions
2020 - 2020 Account Executive Atlantic Key Energy
2021 - 2021 Account Executive Empire Today
2021 - Owner Kanarick Consulting, LLC
2019 - 2020 Field Organizer National Campaign
2022 - Business Development and Growth Marketing Solar Assistants