Head Of Growth Business Development

10+ years of experience in developing go-to-market strategies for SaaS companies in the USA or Brazil/Latam markets.  
Proven results delivering 400% revenue growth and 3X  profitability while developing sales and marketing processes, coaching teams, defining OKRs, tracking KPIs, and closing entry-level MRR($50k) and 7-figure enterprise contracts. 

5 years in Web3 | Crypto | Blockchain space

Blockchain events: Expo North America | Consensus NY | Crypto Mondays NY, San Diego & Puerto Rico |  Bitcoin Miami | Blockchain Rio 


- Keen ability to educate and sell complex tech features in simple and valuable business terms to Fortune 500 companies  brands, agencies, universities, and publishers.
- Develop go-to-market channel strategies to launch startups in the US and Latam-Brazil markets. 
- Manage, train, and coach sales reps on generating and converting more sales leads by developing a customizing sales playbook, driving CRM sales process, tracking metrics, and fomenting team collaboration. 
- Manage budget allocation and track KPIs and OKRs to achieve data-driven sales-marketing goals. 
- Present to audiences of up to 300+ sizes while minimizing cross-cultural communication differences in either English, Spanish, or Brazilian-Portuguese. 
- Trained by the Walt Disney Company client service skills and developed an inexplicable ability to attract, network, and build C-level relationships.

Hobbies:  Chess tournaments, soccer, sailing, yoga, squash, hiking, and cracking life’s code: happiness & flow!  

Professional Experience

Prem Digital LLC   –  “Prem means love, an affinity for”   -- New York, NY / Remote work in Brazil    9/2013 -Present
·      Helping SaaS Tech solutions accelerate growth by developing winning digital marketing and sales channel strategies to engage with Fortune 500 brands, agencies, publishers, hotels, and universities.   
·      Startup ecosystem involved: Techstars (Boulder), Quake Capital (NY) TIE global (NY) Paralello 18 (US) Capital Factory (Austin) 21.212 & Sai do Papel, Valor Capital Group (Rio de Janeiro)  
·      Blockchain events: Expo North America | Consensus NY | Crypto Mondays |  Bitcoin Miami | Blockchain Rio 
TwineSocial   – New York, NY                                                                                                                         5/2018-2020      Vice President of Sales & Marketing 
·      Developed inbound-outbound sales & marketing strategies, which IncreasedMRR contracts by 400%
·      Customized sales playbook and coached sales executives on how to generate leads, manage CRM flow, cold-call, email outreach, demo platform, close deals, and onboard clients.
·      Developed top 10 best practices guide on how brands can use twinesocial platform to engage users and improve monetization. 
·      Consulted Fortune 500 agencies and brands on how to use TwineSocial’s engagement tools  to reduce cost by 10% and increase conversion by +25%,while (i) advising on content publishing  (ii) monitoring analytics for consumer insights (iii) maximizing client engagement across platforms: web, mobile, & OOH
TINTup (acquired by FileStack)   – New York, NY  (50% remote in Latam)                                               11/2015–05/2018 
Director of Business Development & Head of growth for Latin America
·      Launched new business unit with a limited budget and achieved 3x profitability in 2 years (ARR contracts) 
·      Led CRM sales process based on OKRs & KPIs, while supporting enterprise accounts, prospecting new ideal customer profile, cold-calling, crafting persuasive email outreach, social-selling or in-person during client visits, or speaking at industry events. 
·      Developed agency partnerships with industry leaders to re-sell solutions, save thousands of dollars in event sponsorship, generated qualified leads, earn media, increased engagement, and content distribution.
·      Presented keynote to an audience of 300+ on How to improve word-to-mouth content distribution and amplify reach to 120 million users in less than 6 months.”  (Emirates Air case study) 

Experience: 11 years

Yearly salary: $0

Hourly rate: $0

Nationality: 🇧🇷 Brazil

Residency: 🇺🇸 United States


Period Title Company
2013 - Principal Prem digital