B2 B Sales & Relations Manager / Sales Team Manager & Trainer

        BEP-20 Contract:0xd93da2875be7659A5c4650D5F6159c88C4F48F83
                 Stars and Stripes ventures / Symbol: SASV
                          Edward J Hetrick JR
                        410 N. Neville St. APT-3
                          Pittsburgh PA,15213
                         Phone:1(412) 596 5661

             My name is Edward J Hetrick Jr. Born April 10, 1986. Raised in the family Plastics Business doing Sales. Landed my first contract with 3M when I was 16. I worked there until I went to the Military in 2004. I went in to work on the flight deck so I went to Flight School in Pensacola, FL. Next I got shipped to the Carl Visnon CVN-70 Aircraft Carrier where I worked on the flight deck for a few weeks and was recruited into supply department. The mastercheif from the logistics office interviewed everyone who volunteered and I landed the only Logistics office job due to my business and computer skills. I provided many functions in the Navy such as Low Vis Operations Watchman, Shipboard Firefighter and Maintenence Department Inspector. I am seeking any Manager Position, Customer Service Representative, Sales Team Manager, Inspection / Quality Assurance, Sales Representative or any relevant positions. I enjoy traveling and wouldn't mind moving but also would be happy with a remote job. If you want someone confident, high performance and reliable then im your guy. I thank you for taking the time to read my resume, have a wonderful day.

Experience: 10 years

Yearly salary: $250,000

Hourly rate: $250

Nationality: 🇺🇸 United States

Residency: 🇺🇸 United States


Period Title Company
2000 - 2010 Sales Representative Blair Tool & Plastics
2004 - 2008 S-1 Logistics United States Navy