Full Stack Developer

As an SDET at COMVIVA, I have gained valuable experience in software development and testing. My role involved developing UI automation scripts using Cypress, resulting in over 200+ merged scripts. By achieving 90%+ test coverage through automation, I significantly reduced manual effort and improved testing efficiency. In addition, I performed manual testing, executed test cases, and ensured the validation of testing procedures before creating automated scripts. My expertise in bug reviews, defect reporting, and monitoring through JIRA helped maintain a streamlined testing process.

During my internship at COMVIVA, I contributed to testing and automating APIs using POSTMAN. I worked on over 20+ scripts, gaining proficiency in creating and executing API requests, setting up test assertions, and handling authentication methods like OAuth and Basic Authentication. I also conducted Database Testing on PostgreSQL, ensuring data integrity and reliability. My ability to create defects in JIRA, assign them to responsible individuals, and track their resolution showcased my attention to detail and organizational skills.

Beyond my professional experience, I have dedicated myself to personal projects that highlight my skills and passion. One notable project is DAAMAZON, a web3-based e-commerce website developed using React.js and Solidity. I participated in the ETH Global FVM Space Wrap Hackathon, where I received PoAPs for my contributions. Additionally, I developed MS-WALLET3, a crypto wallet enabling global payments, and MS-ECOMMERCE, a full-stack e-commerce website with a payment gateway using technologies such as Next.js, React.js,, Stripe, and Tailwind.css.

These experiences and achievements have equipped me with a strong foundation in software development, testing, and full-stack development. I am now seeking opportunities that allow me to utilize my skills and continue growing in a collaborative and innovative environment. With my expertise in tools and frameworks like Cypress, POSTMAN, JIRA, React.js, and Solidity, I am confident in my ability to contribute to impactful projects and deliver high-quality software solutions.

Experience: 1 year

Yearly salary: $10,000

Hourly rate: $20

Nationality: 🇮🇳 India

Residency: 🇮🇳 India


Period Title Company
2022 - 2022 Automation Engineer Intern Comviva
2022 - 2023 Automation Engineer Comviva