Instructional Technologist

With a master’s degree in communication leadership and over fifteen years of experience in multimedia production and communications within higher education. I am excited to go all in on the Web3/Crypto explosion that is going to happen this cycle, which may be the last. Additionally, my background with cryptocurrencies of all types, podcasting, Canvas LMS as an instructor, designer, and content creator, provides me with valuable skills for companies or DAO's looking to effectively communicate information to their audiences.

In my previous positions at Gonzaga University with Instructional Design and Delivery and as a teacher at the Sonoran Desert Institute, I have gained experience in digital content production, emerging media, course design, technical support, and social media management for students of all ages and identities. My work has focused on engaging diverse audiences and developing strategies that effectively communicate information in a fun and entertaining way.

My first experience with Bitcoin was when I bought one in 2013 at $60 and then sold it at $80 and thought I had done well for myself. If I only knew back then! In 2015, I purchased 22 Eth at $14 each and then learned the lessons of all lessons in 2017 when I had moved it to my private wallet and broke the cardinal rule of ‘Not your keys, not your coin,’ by giving away my private keys to what I thought was the official Golem airdrop and sadly, it was not. Since then, I’ve had my hands in many different blockchains and gained an intimate understanding of how they work. I have done well catching airdrops as I could, keeping up to date on anything and everything crypto related through influencers like CryptoLark, IAmGeorge, CryptoWendyO, JRNYCrypto, and many others. I have been a part of crypto gaming from Gods Un Chained to Shrapnel, PlanetQuest, and others.

As an experienced instructional Designer. I believe that I can contribute aid in the education and entertainment of stakeholders and the general public on the subject of cryptocurrency by creating a fun and engaging learning environment. Additionally, my own experience with crypto and multimedia tools allows me to create educational materials that are relevant and accessible to all stakeholders. I am eager to collaborate with creative and forward-thinking teams of professionals in the world of Web3/Crypto and I feel like I have been training for this exact job for the last 10 years.
 I am proficient in Adobe Premiere Pro, Lightroom, Photoshop, After Effects, InDesign, Unreal Engine, Stable Diffusion, and other A I multimedia tools. I am also a co-creator of a popular hobby podcast, which has showcased my ability to engage an audience through contemporary digital media platforms. My education in communication leadership, combined with my practical experience in multimedia production, course design, and content creation makes me well-suited to this role. Crypto has been my own passion project and I believe the best way to foster adoption is through effective education that is accessible to people of all backgrounds. 


Experience: 10 years

Yearly salary: $86,000

Hourly rate: $40

Nationality: 🌏 Remote

Residency: 🇺🇸 United States


Period Title Company
2006 - 2007 apprentice editor Gone Fission (Twentieth Television)
2016 - instructor for several course offerings Sonoran Desert Institute
2014 - instructional technologist Gonzaga University
2009 - 2014 audio visual technician, producer/editor/videographer Gonzaga University
2007 - 2008 cg operator/camera operator KREM-2/Belo
2004 - 2007 staff director of photography Tunnel Vision Entertainment
2005 - 2006 vault manager MTV, My Own
2004 - 2005 vault manager FOX/Rocket Science Labs
2001 - 2002 staff camera operator, editor Blakely Street Media
1997 - 2001 director, technical director, producer, cameraman, soundboard Gonzaga U. Television Dept.