External Relations Coordinator

I am Semih, a highly accomplished professional with a passion for promoting sustainable development and driving eco-friendly initiatives on a global scale. With a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Political Science and International Relations, I possess a deep understanding of the complexities of the international landscape and a commitment to effecting positive change through strategic collaborations and effective communication.

Through my role, I have successfully established strong relationships with prominent international institutions such as the United Nations (UN), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), European Union (EU), and World Bank.

One of my key responsibilities revolves around managing business development and fundraising processes with the EU and its related institutions. Leveraging my expertise in international relations, I forge strategic alliances, secure funding, and facilitate the implementation of sustainable projects. Moreover, I proudly represent the 310 participating companies within the Industrial Park, advocating for their interests and providing valuable advice to lawmakers in the EU Parliament on policies that can drive positive change.

Additionally, my engagement with the World Bank allows me to conduct in-depth studies on the development and implementation of various green projects. Working closely with my team, I contribute to the design of innovative solutions for sustainable energy, water management, finance, labor, and other critical areas. Furthermore, I excel at promoting these projects and securing funding from esteemed call-based funds such as the UK Fund (UKF) and the Climate Finance Accelerator (CFA).

I actively participate in international sectoral meetings, where I contribute valuable insights and advocate for environmentally friendly practices. By leveraging my understanding of sector-specific challenges, I aim to foster collaborations that drive sustainable development on a global scale.

Moreover, I possess excellent language skills, allowing me to play a vital role in translating and localizing various documents, including EU reports and sector-specific publications. By effectively communicating across international platforms, I ensure a broader understanding of sustainable development practices and facilitate meaningful global cooperation.

Driven by my passion for green and digital transformation collaborations, I actively engage in business development initiatives on my previous job. Identifying strategic partnerships and fostering relationships, I strive to drive initiatives that promote sustainable energy, water management, finance, and labor practices.

With my laid-back approach, passion for sustainable development, and a knack for navigating the Web3.0 landscape, I'm here to make a difference. So let's join forces and create a greener future together in this awesome era of Web3.0!

Experience: 7 years

Yearly salary: $55,000

Hourly rate: $30

Nationality: 🇹🇷 Turkey

Residency: 🇹🇷 Turkey


Period Title Company
2020 - 2023 External&Invertor Relations YOSB
2013 - 2019 International Relations L1 Agency