Senior Software Engineer

I'm a generalist web developer proficient in backend, front-end, and DevOps. I already worked with many languages like Java, Python, Elixir, and Rust but my true expertise lies in Javascript development and functional programming. My journey in programming began way back in 2006 when I started tinkering with RPG Maker with Ruby, I also learned HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to update my MySpace pages.

Background and Expertise:

  • I hail from Brazil, where I currently reside in a small city. Working remotely in your timezone poses no challenge for me, and I have aspirations to relocate to the USA in the future, with or without sponsorship.
  • My journey in programming began in 2006 when I dabbled with RPG Maker using Ruby. Over time, I honed my skills in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript while updating MySpace pages. Between 2008 and 2012, I earned my System Integration Degree from the University of Central Paraná (UCP).
  • Currently, I hold the position of Tech Lead of a Company responsible for news websites, and before, my last position was as a Staff Software Engineer at a Financial Group. My true passion lies in front-end development and functional programming. I firmly believe that WebAssembly (WASM) and Rust offer exciting opportunities for skill enhancement.

Diverse Industry Experience:

  • Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of working across various industries, including agro-business, car rental services, food delivery apps, e-commerce, and marketplaces.
  • I am well-versed in technologies such as style guides, Microservices, micro frontends, Single Page Applications (SPAs), and Backends for Frontends (BFF).

Personal Traits:

  • Curiosity and a thirst for knowledge drive me. I thrive on challenges and enjoy learning new things.
  • I consider responsible technology choices paramount. Selecting the right tools based on project requirements is crucial to success.

Some Fun Facts about me:

  • I am a Rancher too on the weekends I go to the Ranch with my family to ride horses and take care of cattle.
  • I have an herbs and spices garden in my house.
  • I love to Read and Write about Fantasy Worlds.

Thank you for considering my application.

J. Serodio.

Experience: 11 years

Yearly salary: $102,000

Hourly rate: $55

Nationality: 🇧🇷 Brazil

Residency: 🇧🇷 Brazil


Period Title Company
2018 - Software Architect VNATOR
2022 - 2023 Staff Software Engineer PAGAR.ME
2022 - 2022 Senior Software Engineer Kovi
2020 - 2022 Senior Software Engineer Pede Pronto
2016 - 2016 Software Architect Agrotis
2015 - 2016 Frontend Lead Developer Polvo
2011 - 2015 Software Developer Freelancer