Senior Developer

Below are key responsibilities and tasks I accomplished in my previous position:

  • Compiler Development: Contributed to the engineering of a compiler for our specialized functional language, enhancing the framework's flexibility and efficiency.
  • Cryptography: Developed cryptographic primitives for Ethereum, laying the foundation for blockchain security within our projects.
  • ADAPT JS API: Created a TypeScript module utilizing WebAssembly and Node Addon API, enabling our language to run in web browsers and NodeJS environments.
  • Language Server: Implemented a language server based on Microsoft's Language Server Protocol, providing enhanced IDE support for our language.
  • Standard Library: Built a standard library for our language, creating a reusable set of components to accelerate development.
  • Runtime Components: Implemented core runtime components in TypeScript, including a Message Broker, Backup Data Storage, and nodes for running packets.
  • Ethereum Wallet: Led the development of an Ethereum wallet, implementing advanced security features to protect cryptocurrency assets.
  • Encrypted Messaging: Built an end-to-end encrypted messaging system, offering a secure communication platform within our framework. 
  • Distributed Database: Initiated and developed a secure, distributed database to ensure data integrity across our network.
  • Backup Processes: Established secure backup procedures using Amazon Nitro Enclaves for code packets written in our language.
  • Network Protocol: Designed a network protocol to streamline communication between packets, improving overall system performance.
  • Amazon Nitro Enclave Attestation: Participated in developing a Rust library for validating Amazon Nitro Enclave Attestation documents, bolstering system security.

Experience: 4 years

Yearly salary: $100,000

Hourly rate: $50

Nationality: 🌏 Remote

Residency: 🌏 Remote


Period Title Company
2020 - Senior Software Developer ADAPT framework solutions