Graduated from Michigan State University At 2020 May

Majored in Civil Engineering 

Having Project Management Professional (PMP)

Rewards: 2013 June, Participate in the United Nations Youth Assembly (a platform for friendly exchange among young people from around the world)

2016-2018, Obtain scholarships

Personal Experience
Worked in engineering budget for over a year after graduation, mainly responsible for cost bidding documents.

Developed one year of foreign trade business and export production management, effectively communicated with customers and factories, and controlled processes such as raw materials and export dates.
Familiar with office software such as Office, PowerPoint, Excel, Word.
Basic knowledge of SQL and MATLAB programming languages.
Fluent in English and can communicate with native English speakers through both voice and text messages.


Having awareness of managing relationships with individuals and teams and a spirit of teamwork.

Patience and ability for continuous learning.

Strong sense of responsibility, takes both people and matters seriously.

Positive and optimistic, doesn't give up when facing difficulties.

When not understanding or not knowing something, not only will they think carefully, but they will also humbly ask for advice.

Quickly accepting new things.

Experiece: 6 months

Yearly salary: $10,000

Hourly rate: $10

Nationality: 🇨🇳 China

Residency: 🇨🇳 China


Period Title Company
2021 - 2022 International Tradement Huai'an Ruisheng Garment
2020 - 2021 Construction Budget Huai'an Zhenghuai Construction Company