Senior Web3 Copywriter // Tech Marketing Storyteller

Always curious about new freelance or full-time opportunities. Highly skilled at communicating complex information clearly, concisely and accurately, I deliver copy that is simple, engaging and thoughtful. I can work remotely with designers, producers and product marketers. I carry out research and provide effectively written marketing assets:

• eBooks, white papers, research reports, case studies
• websites, landing pages, sales funnels
• product copy, presentations & proposals
• blog posts & press releases
• social media posts
• direct lead generation content
• clever slogans, taglines & banner copy
• critical analysis of your existing marketing content
• editing, re-writing, fine-tuning, proofreading 
• ghostwriting CEO speeches
• scriptwriting for podcasts
• screenwriting for video content
• SEO optimization
• ideation for various creative marketing approaches and 360° campaigns

I bring 15+ years of experience as a freelancer, as well as a full-time employee at multinational advertising agencies (JWT, Ogilvy, Edelman). While working as an advertising/marketing copywriter, I got used to a wide variety of writing styles in line with specific brands and target groups. I have worked on various B2B projects and integrated 360° B2C communication campaigns across diverse media channels, involving fast-paced teamwork and multi-tasking under tight deadlines. 

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism/PR from the University of South Carolina, USA. I‘ve also attended the renowned Miami Ad School, where I updated my creative ideation skills. I have a deep understanding of art, pop-culture and social psychology. I have a keen interest in Blockchain, Web3, Fintech, Crypto, DeFi, GameFi, P2E, NFTs, Metaverse, DAOs, Gaming, Cybersecurity, Trading & Investing.

I spent 2019 writing C-suite B2B marketing assets for HERE Technologies, the only serious competitor to Google Maps. I’ve been freelancing throughout 2020-2021 for a variety of Crypto, Web3, DeFi, NFTs and Metaverse-oriented projects, as well as a couple of SaaS clients. During the first half of 2022 I worked full-time at Polygon.

Public intellectuals/scientists whose thought leadership output I follow are: Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Eric Weinstein, Yuval Harari, Max Tegmark, Nick Bostrom, Lex Fridman, Nikola Danaylov, Naval Ravikant, Peter Thiel, etc.

georgekoynov (at) gmail com

Experience: 11 years

Yearly salary: $80,000

Hourly rate: $80

Nationality: 🇺🇸 United States

Residency: 🇩🇪 Germany


Period Title Company
2021 - 2022 Blog writer SolanaPrime
2021 - 2022 Blog writer
2022 - 2022 Senior Copywriter Polygon
2018 - 2020 Senior B2B Copywriter HERE Technologies
2013 - 2015 B2C Copywriter Ogilvy
2022 - 2022 Brang Copywriter Outlier Ventures