User& Market Researcher

Who am I?

  • More than 5 years User research & Trend research & UX Research experience.
  • Master’s degree, Major in Consumer Psychology & Behavior, Jinan University, Guangzhou, China.
  • I have been worked in Automobile & Mobile phone industry.
  • A qualitative researcher with the ability to do the surveys. Focus on user insights, business & trend research, experience measurement.
  • 20+ projects& research; 200+ interview experiences, 20+ user collaboration/internal workshop experiences, etc.
  • My strengths as a Researcher: A good story-teller; I can work with all kinds of characteristics.

What can I offer U?

  • Leading User Insights & Product Concept project
I’ve responsible for multiple user insights and new product concept projects, I’m able to comprehensively use a variety of research methods to achieve research purposes, and collaborate with designers and product managers and come up with research insights.

  • Guiding Trend research
I’ve led the research on large-scale projects such as China Youth(90s/95s) , Premium Strategy/high-end breakthroughs, User ecology. I’m familiar with the methods of market research & trend research, and can produce relevant research content on hot topics that the company is currently concerned about.

  • Building Experience Measurement System
Provide different experience research support at each stage of [experience planning-experience design-experience acceptance-user’s feedback] to help businesses focus on key scenario planning features, clarify experience goals, identify key experience points and indicators, and use indicators to guide planning, Design specification, experience closed loop.

  • Controlling Human Factors Research Projects
I‘ve experienced in UI-oriented Human Factors Research projects, and have a deep involvement in the disassembly of design requirements, experimental design& execution, and result control. I can also control the process and output quality in all aspects of the project.

  • Qualitative & Survey Research
I’ve hosted many in-depth interviews and workshops to quickly gain user insights; In addition, I’ve analyzed and processed a large amount of questionnaire data, and I’m good at correlation analysis, significance analysis, reliability and validity testing, etc., as well as interpretation of the results of qualitative research.

What have I done before?

2021-2022:OPPO/ OS Center/ User Experience Research& Measurement

Experience Planning phase - Demand insight and experience standard formulation

  • User grouping, refined user portraits
  • Journey Map, core requirements and experience strategy suggestions
  • KEP(Key experience paths), KEI(key experience indicators)
Experience Evaluation phase - Usability Assessment

  • Script writing, summative assessment, problem prioritization, tracking closed loop
Experience Design phase - Human Factors Research

  • Research on input & output experience under the new form screen
  • UI control specification research, etc.
2017-2020:GAC/R&D Center/ User Research& Trend Research

User Research Projects in the New Product R&D Cycle

  • Crowd segmentation and targeting
  • Demand insight and strategy support, product concept and definition research
  • Pre-market competitiveness assessment & post-market feedback research
User Evaluation Project

  • Styling/Design Assessment
  • Product experience evaluation
Basic/Trend Research

  • Population Research: post-95 research, High-income and highly educated women research, silver-haired old man research, etc.

  • Trend Research: Research on demand changes and trends based on big data & AI technology development, High-end Breakthrough Strategy / Research of Premium, etc.

  • Research on GAC’s user base ecology

What I want?

  • Work remotely. I live in China now, but I’d like to work and reside in other country.
  • An income that we both feel appropriate.

Experience: 5 years

Yearly salary: $100,000

Hourly rate: $65

Nationality: 🇨🇳 China

Residency: 🇨🇳 China


Period Title Company
2017 - 2021 Senior User& Market Researcher GAC R&D
2021 - 2022 UX researcher OPPO-Color OS