Social Media Marketing Specialist

With a background in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and a strong foundation in technical and software skills, I have developed the ability to work effectively under pressure and within teams. My experiences range from being a Social Media Marketing Specialist, a Freelance Translator, an E-commerce & Social Media Manager, to working as an Assembly Line Worker and Electrical Engineer. These experiences have honed my skills in data analysis, quality assurance, and technical support. In the context of Web3, I see myself as an adaptable, detail-oriented individual who can bring a unique perspective to the intersection of technology, marketing, and community engagement. I am eager to leverage my technical aptitude, problem-solving skills, and linguistic abilities to contribute to the innovative world of Web3. My diverse skill set positions me well for roles in Web3, where I can be a bridge between technology and user communities, ensuring effective communication, quality assurance, and technical support in this evolving landscape. 

With my background and skills, here are some roles that I'm looking for:

  1. Junior Blockchain Developer: Given my technical skills and engineering background, I can work on building and maintaining blockchain-based applications and smart contracts.
  2. Technical Support Specialist: My experience in technical support, coupled with my ability to thrive in challenging environments, makes me a suitable candidate for remote technical support positions in web3 or tech companies.
  3. Social Media and Content Manager: My experience as a Social Media Marketing Specialist and E-commerce & Social Media Manager can lead to remote roles in managing social media content and strategy for web3 and blockchain projects.
  4. Junior Quality Assurance Tester: With my background in quality assurance, you can explore remote QA tester roles in the development and testing of web3 applications and platforms.
  5. Blockchain Content Translator: Leveraging my translation skills, I can consider the roles in translating blockchain and web3-related content from English to Malay or other languages.
  6. E-commerce Specialist: My experience as an E-commerce & Social Media Manager can be applied to remote e-commerce specialist roles focusing on web3 projects and crypto-related products.
  7. Learning and Development (L&D) Specialist: My skills in training and development could be valuable for web3 companies looking to educate their employees and clients about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.
  8. Blockchain Customer Support: My language skills and technical knowledge could make me a suitable candidate for remote customer support roles in web3 companies serving a global audience.
  9. Entry-Level Blockchain Researcher: My eagerness to learn about new technologies and my technical background could be valuable in entry-level research positions, helping organizations stay informed about the latest developments in web3 and blockchain.

Experience: 1 year

Yearly salary: $35,000

Hourly rate: $20

Nationality: 🇲🇾 Malaysia

Residency: 🇲🇾 Malaysia


Period Title Company
2015 - 2016 Barista The Coffee Bean & Tea leaf
2020 - 2020 Electrical Engineer Emzex Consulting Engineer
2016 - 2016 Computer Technician Seremban City Council (MBS)
2022 - 2022 Assembly Line Worker Signtech Inc
2022 - 2022 Ecommerce & Social Media Manager Lady K House
2023 - 2023 Freelance Translator Nexus International Contents
2023 - 2023 Social Media Marketing Specialist Camarata Music