Next.Js Developer & Ux / Ui Web Designer

My name is Héctor, I'm 27 years old & I'm from Spain. I am a driven and hardworking person with a passion for always learning and exploring different technologies.

In my journey through the Web3 realm, I have launched an ICO in Spain, demonstrating my ability to navigate the intricacies of fundraising and community engagement. This experience has not only honed my entrepreneurial skills but has also provided me with a deep understanding of token economies and their transformative potential.

Besides, I have created and successfully sold a tokenized real estate platform, leveraging the power of the Solana blockchain and custodial wallets to facilitate mass adoption. This work showcases my ability to bridge traditional sectors with the limitless possibilities of blockchain technology.

Additionally, I have ventured into the realm of NFTs, recognizing their disruptive impact on various industries. Developing and launching an NFT ticketing platform allowed me to combine my technical expertise with a forward-thinking approach, contributing to the widespread adoption of blockchain-based solutions.

With each endeavor, I continuously challenge myself to acquire new knowledge and skills. The fast-paced nature of Web3 demands constant adaptation, and I embrace this as an opportunity for growth. I am committed to staying up-to-date with the latest advancements, exploring emerging protocols, and learning from industry experts to remain at the forefront of this revolutionary space.

As a diligent and motivated individual, I am eager to contribute to cutting-edge projects and collaborate with like-minded individuals who share the vision of a decentralized future. With a solid track record of experience in the Web3 domain, I bring a unique blend of entrepreneurial spirit, technical proficiency, and commitment to innovation.

Let us embark on this exciting journey together and reshape the future of technology through Web3 innovations.

Experience: 6 years

Yearly salary: $150,000

Hourly rate: $350

Nationality: 🇪🇸 Spain

Residency: 🇪🇸 Spain


Period Title Company
2017 - Full Stack developer Self-employed