Community Manager

Vasya: Unveiling Dimensions Through Creativity and Innovation

Welcome to my portfolio! I'm Vasya, a 21-year-old enthusiast from Ukraine, and I'm thrilled to share my journey with you. Based in the vibrant city of Lviv, I've been on an exciting path that spans community management, business development, creative expression, and a deep passion for the evolving world of web3 and cryptocurrencies.

Professional Highlights:

Community Management Extraordinaire:
For the past 2 years, I've immersed myself in the dynamic realm of community management. Working with projects like Heroes Of Arcan and Dawn Of Victory, I've honed my skills in nurturing online communities, fostering engagement, and facilitating meaningful interactions. The sense of unity and shared purpose that these experiences have brought to the table has been truly inspiring.

Navigating Business Horizons:
Stepping into the role of Business Development Manager at the KAIF platform was a pivotal moment in my journey. Among my achievements, I take immense pride in orchestrating a game-changing partnership with Spores Network. This endeavor showcased my knack for identifying strategic opportunities, forging valuable alliances, and propelling projects to new heights.

Championing Web3 and Cryptocurrency:
The future of crypto and web3 has captured my imagination. The potential for decentralized technologies to reshape industries and societies is both invigorating and transformative. I'm driven by the belief that this is more than just a technological shift—it's a movement that can empower individuals and reshape how we perceive value and ownership.

Creative Expressions and Linguistic Proficiency:
Beyond the corporate canvas, I find solace and self-expression in writing songs and poems. These outlets allow me to distill emotions, thoughts, and experiences into art, forging connections with others on a deeper level. With a C2 proficiency in English, I relish in engaging in nuanced conversations and connecting with diverse minds worldwide.

A Heart for Helping and Connecting:
A core facet of my persona is an unwavering passion for interacting with people. I thrive in conversations, relishing the chance to offer assistance and create positive impacts. This innate openness has not only nurtured my interpersonal skills but has also enriched my ability to empathize and collaborate effectively.

Looking Ahead:
As I embark on the next chapter of my journey, I'm fervently drawn to the realms of marketing and communication. I aspire to leverage my community management prowess, business acumen, and creative talents to breathe life into impactful campaigns and strategies. I'm excited to be part of endeavors that shape narratives, spark conversations, and leave lasting impressions.

Thank you for visiting my portfolio and taking a glimpse into my world. If you're passionate about innovation, collaboration, and meaningful connections, I'd love to connect with you. Let's explore the endless possibilities together!

Experience: 2 years

Yearly salary: $25,000

Hourly rate: $15

Nationality: 🇺🇦 Ukraine

Residency: 🇺🇦 Ukraine


Period Title Company
2022 - 2023 Community Manager Heroes Of Arcan
2022 - 2023 Community Manager Dawn Of Victory
2023 - 2023 Business Development Manager KAIF