Senior Analyst

"Experienced Data Analyst with a demonstrated 2.5+ year history of success in business intelligence and analytics across e-commerce supply chain and technology consulting sectors. Seeking an exciting opportunity to leverage my skills in data analytics, process optimization, and visualization to drive innovative, data-driven strategies for business growth.

🚀 Professional Highlights 🚀

🔹 Senior Analyst at Capgemini (Sep '21 - Jul '23, Hyderabad)
  - Played a pivotal role in providing product support for a Fortune 50 insurance giant, facilitating seamless communication between developers, testers, and senior management.
  - Led the implementation of dashboard and KPI scorecard monitoring on Dynatrace, resulting in a 25% reduction in incident response time and improved application performance.
  - Collaborated with the Product Manager to identify areas for business process improvement, contributing to enhanced efficiency.
  - Elevated defect management processes, achieving impressive SLAs for defect management and ad hoc service requests.
  - Championed incident management processes in ServiceNow, ensuring uninterrupted service delivery and high customer satisfaction.
  - Recognized for outstanding performance with a promotion to Senior Analyst within just one year (Apr '2022).

🔹 Operations Research Specialist/Key Account Manager at ShipRocket (Oct '20 - Jun '21, Bengaluru)
  - Successfully reduced the order-to-delivery cycle time by 15% through strategic process optimization efforts in warehouse activities.
  - Developed impactful Power BI dashboards to extract actionable insights from real-time warehouse data.
  - Ensured 100% accuracy in warehouse stock data across client database systems.
  - Innovated the SKU Access Model (SAM) and Trip Optimization Model (TOM) to optimize product picking processes and increase efficiency.
  - Elevated cycle-count schedules, resulting in a remarkable 99.5% monthly average fill rate.

🔹 Account Management Intern at PAD Integrated Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Apr '19 - May '19, Hyderabad)
  - Led brand identity development efforts for Zero40 Brewing, a Hyderabad-based microbrewery.
  - Employed advanced data analysis techniques, including text analytics and sentiment analysis, to enhance customer insights and competitor analysis.
  - Implemented a unique service evaluation scale, 'MUST,' using sentiment analysis from online customer reviews.

Ready to bring my data-driven expertise and passion for innovation to your team. Let's connect and chart a course for success together!"

Experience: 2 years

Yearly salary: $80,000

Hourly rate: $25

Nationality: 🇮🇳 India

Residency: 🇮🇳 India


Period Title Company
2020 - 2021 Operations Research specialist/ Key account Manager ShipRocket
2021 - 2023 Senior Analyst Capgemini


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