Content Manager

I am an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya (Malaysia) with a strong background in law, blockchain, and financial technology. In my current role at Avocado DAO, I my role includes assigning research directions, structuring research findings, and optimizing content management systems. While working with Avocado DAO, I have achieved top Google SERP rankings for SEO keywords related to Web3 games and topics.

Prior to my current position, I served as a Content Manager at Tokocrypto, where I played a pivotal role in content strategy and management. My responsibilities encompassed various facets, including researching developments and trends in blockchain and crypto markets, creating monthly content schedules, and editing articles for Tokoverse's Medium and WordPress pages. My contributions at Tokocrypto included securing top Google SERP rankings for keywords related to crypto trading and NFTs.

During my time as a Content Strategist at Infinity Blockchain Holdings, my job scope includes tracking user metrics, identifying discussion trends, and creating compelling content on blockchain and crypto-related topics. I also authored articles and blockchain landscape reports.

As a Legal Associate at Messrs Shook Lin & Bok (Malaysia), I assisted with successful stock market listings and corporate restructuring exercises. My work facilitated the expansion of several public listed companies through capital funding from the stock market.

As a Research Assistant at the University of Malaya, I provided valuable research assistance for a blockchain regulatory project, leading to the publication of the report "Tailoring Malaysian Blockchain Regulations for the New Digital Economy."

My extensive portfolio includes web articles, thought leadership pieces, journal articles, technical writing, and an industry report, reflecting my deep knowledge and thought leadership in the fields of blockchain and financial technology.

I hold a PhD and a Master of Laws from the University Malaya, focusing my research on rebuilding public trust through blockchain-based financial regulatory compliance to support financial inclusion in Malaysia and Singapore. I also hold a Bachelors of Laws (LLB) (Hons) from the University of London.

Experience: 5 years

Yearly salary: $100,000

Hourly rate: $200

Nationality: 🇲🇾 Malaysia

Residency: 🇲🇾 Malaysia


Period Title Company
2022 - Content Manager Avocado DAO
2021 - 2022 Chief Content Strategist Tokocrypto
2018 - 2021 Content Strategist Infinity Blockchain
2015 - 2018 Content Manager Messrs Shook Lin and Bok
2017 - 2018 University Malaya Research Associate