Executive Manager / Product Manager

With a solid tenure of 3.5 years in the web3 industry, I have traversed a productive path, progressing from a Sales Representative to an Executive Manager. My specialized focus on blockchain auditing since 2020 has endowed me with a comprehensive understanding of the field's current challenges and solutions. Throughout my journey, I have successfully created and led companies from inception to profitability within the consortium I worked with.
Building an extensive network of connections across various sectors of web3, including DeFi, GameFi, VCs, and Exchanges, has been a notable achievement. This network provides me with valuable insights and opportunities within the industry.
My expertise encompasses auditing flow, inner processes, and requirements of the field, as well as project management, operations management, account management, and business development. I am adept at leveraging these skills to drive success and growth.
As Executive Manager I was the head of the product and all operational activities. Apart from all regular tasks mandatory for my position, I was actively involved in business development, account management, product growth, and marketing.
During my tenure, I successfully managed 134 smart contract audits, continuously improving processes, workflows, and overall operations. In this role, I gained valuable experience in company creation, navigating the entire journey from initial setup to the successful operation of a profitable product and service.
My day to day activities were as follows:
- Management of the team and supervision / coordination between different departments (legal dep / fin dep / management dep / tech dep / marketing dep / design dep / HR dep)
- Creation and planning of new products, services and market research
- Account Management
- Financial planning, budgeting, finance supervision
- Coordination with marketing dep for creation of marketing campaigns and promotions
- Audit Management
- Direct communication with partners, clients and investors
- Direct sales and partnership collaborations
- Quality of auditing flow controlling and improvements
- Help with sales strategies, materials, presentation and lead generation strategy
- CRM Management and supervision

Experience: 4 years

Yearly salary: $0

Hourly rate: $30

Nationality: πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ Ukraine

Residency: πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ Ukraine


Period Title Company
2022 - 2023 Executive Manager Vidma Security
2022 - 2023 Scout Mempool Ventures
2023 - 2023 Operations Manager CAYA
2020 - 2022 Project Manager Applicature
2020 - 2022 Project Manager / Audit Manager Zokyo
2020 - 2020 Sales Assistant Applicature