Senior Product Manager

Hi! I am Vlad and I am passionate about Product Management, IT, Start Ups, Crypto, Web3, Gaming and Movies. 

During my work on different projects, my mission is to achieve a project goal, keep team motivated and make all the stakeholders and customers (users or players) happy :)

I am an open-minded and friendly person, like to communicate with people. As a Product/Project Manager I believe that the key skill is listening to others.

I am looking for an interesting projects that can bring value to our society, change the world, bring some innovations. I want to spend my time only on valuable things. 

My values:
Ambition, enthusiasm, challenge, growth, making a difference, curiosity, exploration, quality-orientation, community, happiness, honesty, justice, openness, positivity.

I believe I am in right place to find my future job. 

I was working in 2 big corporations: Schneider Electric, Procter & Gamble. Currently working in AR Mobile Innovative Gaming Startup.

As well I like to work on my own side projects.

Here are some my achievements:

Product Owner in Monsarrat Inc. (2021 - Current) Warsaw, Poland
      Working on AAA mobile AR walking game for a $10 billion Hollywood TV/movie franchise. 7th employee. Helped to raise $1.5 M 
-Managing Art, Development, Sound design teams
-Increased speed of 7 Developers, 6 Artists, 1 QA Tester by using Scrum & Kanban Framework.
-Managing sprint planning, reviews, retrospectives
-Preparing and delivering presentations to executive leadership
-Managing over 2000 tasks in Azure DevOps
-Resolving conflicts, setting up clear goals, stimulating new ideas
-Mentoring/motivating team members
-Creating pipelines with Dev/Art teams
-Ensuring a good communication between different teams and key stakeholders

Project Manager Support in Schneider Electric (2019 - 2020) Warsaw, Poland
        Working in Global Marketing department
-Increased data processing by 20% by implementing UI/UX solutions on the Web-Platform
-Increased speed of work of business clusters globally by 10% by implementing new Web-platform
-Increased speed of work of sales managers by 15% by implementing UI/UX solutions on the Mobile Application.
-Supporting sales and marketing teams to identify their requirements towards analytical apps and projects.
-Interviewing stakeholders to incorporate their feedback for feature implementation.

UI/UX designer on Freelance (2017 - 2019)
-Increased speed of the website by implementing UI/UX solutions
-Brand management. Creating whole concept of the particular project
-Managing an Agile team of Front-End, Back-End Developers, QA Engineer, SEO specialist
-Communication with stakeholders all over the world on daily basis.
Successfully finished over 20projects all over the world.

Experience: 5 years

Yearly salary: $160,000

Hourly rate: $75

Nationality: 🇺🇦 Ukraine

Residency: 🇵🇱 Poland


Period Title Company
2021 - 2022 Product Manager Immortal Games
2019 - 2020 UI/UX designer Schneider Electric
2022 - 2022 Product Manager MeAndWho
2021 - Product Manager Monsarrat
2017 - 2019 UI/UX designer Freelance