Principal Automation Engineer

Accomplished software test automation engineer capable of delivering large-scale software and Web application development projects on time and on budget by effectively utilizing sophisticated large-scale automation frameworks. Expert at driving the adoption and enforcement of ATDD, BDD and well-defined use cases.

Principal Software Automation Engineer         \Architect\Scrum Master                                                     
  • Single handedly built the only automation framework for the company using Cypress, Jasmine, JavaScriptBuilt, Chai, to test crypto exchange REST end-points and webSockets.  Specifically for the trading platform.  
  • Implemented a model of creating robust, bulletproof, reliable, maintainable, and easy-to-use automation to hand over to the development team for immediate testing of any modifications.
  • Created a formal hand-off process of finished projects\features with a complete set of automated use cases including edge cases and pass-fail reports for official deployments to Production.
  • Introduced ADTD\BDD behavior, which resulted in no tech-debt for new projects\features.
§  Acting Scrum Master performing the following duties\ceremoniies: facilitating iteration planning, daily stand-up, backlog grooming, retrospective sessions for the team, closely working with Product owner in identifying requirements, updating backlog and prioritizing work items..
  • Built a high performing team that delivered at least 5 projects\features bug free.
Exacom, Inc.                                                                                               
Principal Software Automation Engineer         \Architect\Scrum Master                                     
  • Built automated framework using Protractor, Selenium, Jasmine, TypeScript, and JavaScript to validate continuous builds of brand-new web-based applications.  
  • Acted as the driving force behind the first implementation of Continuous Integration using Jenkins, SVN, and the Protractor Automation Framework.
  • Scheduled nightly builds of updated code in SVN which than kicked off a Jenkins job to execute the Protractor Regression automation and send automated emails to interested parties of what tests passed and failed.
  • Implemented a model of creating robust, bulletproof, reliable, maintainable, and easy-to-use automation to hand over to the development team.
  • Instituted Best Practices and Standards for Automation development and Conducted code reviews for all Automation code.
  • Acted as the go-to person when automation engineers were stuck or needed all hands-on deck for a release.
  • Mentored several team members and developers in the area of automation specifically.
  • Championed Agile Methodology into the company by acting as a Scrum Master Coach & Scrum Master of a few Teams, as well as train the company on how to use JIRA to track sprints, stories, and tasks.  
  • Introduced the Agile manifesto and Scrum “ceremonies” to the company.
  • Established and executed a companywide vision for “Quality at Exacom” using Agile, ATDD/BDD/TDD, pair programming, Development-QA collaboration, and End-of-Sprint Demos for immediate feedback.
  • Led an India Automation Team, using Agile, where I was able to mentor three junior level automation engineers to create reliable, robust, and bullet-proof automation suites for maximum coverage.
Participated in the actual development of application functionality when needed. 

Fidelity Investments (FMRCo)                                  
Principal QA Software Engineer\Scrum Master                                                                     
§  Conduct Scrum master duties including: facilitating iteration planning, daily stand-up, backlog grooming, retrospective sessions for the team, closely working with Product owner and collaborating with business in identifying requirements, updating backlog and prioritizing work items..
§  When introduced to true agile\scrum practices and it’s value lead a team of 5 through all growth phases that take years in less than a year.  Went from 4 week sprints down to 2 and developed a high degree of trust and transparency which led to increased velocity by 30%.  Removed impediments and protected the team from unnecessary meetings and processes so they could stay focused. 
§  Introduced the concept of ATDD to the team and got their buy-in to all own the quality of all of our deliverables.
  • Helped designed and developed a full blown automation framework using Fitnesse, the Verifix API , and both C# and Java fixtures to test a Fixed Income trade Blotter UI, Fixed Income Voice trading, and a brand new Electronic Trading system utilizing FIX message protocol.  For the Blotter UI we used Fitnesse to drive and end-to-end process from placing the trades and then verifying that all values in every column for every trade was correct.  For VCON and eTrading we used Fitnesse to drive the tests and verifix simulate the conversation with the third parties and Fidelity. This allowed us to fully automate the end-to-end workflow and validate all the corresponding FIX messages. 
  • Designed & developed a full blown multiApplication, data-driven, functional automation framework to test and retest over 200 financial & other business applications twice a month to validate both MicroSoft Patch distribution across the Business Units as well as monthly builds.  Currently the framework is used to run over 4,000 testcases under two days during each test regression cycle.  Incorporated strict software disciplines, strong processes, and best practices and enforced them.  Successfully managed a remote team in India. The original Framework was written in WinRunner and then converted over to QTP.  It currently consists of ~500 test scripts and ~700 business components\functions for close to 100 applications. This framework is very stable and requires minimal maintenance and is going on its 8th year in existence.  There are ~10 separate teams using this FW within Fidelity today, some of those are outside of our immediate organization.
  • Performance – Performance tested some of Fidelity’s major servers: Online Service Center, Active Trader, Login servers, Portfolio Monitor (for high-net worth customers), Full View, Rep. Servers. Wrote Java scripts to perform user tasks and used WebLoad to simulate up to a 2,000 concurrent user load. Gathered data and analyzed the capacity/performance of the servers.   Major areas of concentration: Transactions per Second, Memory Leakage, and CPU usage. Utilized Perfmon on NT and various tools on UNIX (VMSTAT, TOPS, etc.) to help monitor performance characteristics. Authored performance plans and formal reports. Entered bugs. Responsible for sign-off of the performance testing (“go”-“no-go” privileges).
  • Functional – Designed and developed a full blown, data driven, functional automation model to test and retest major eBusiness components of Fidelities website using SilkTest. Helped create a 2,000- script library that was still used 4 years later with little maintenance. Introduced Fidelity eBusiness to functional automation. Implemented coding standards, design reviews, code reviews, code management, and conducted interviews.

Experience: 11 years

Yearly salary: $160,000

Hourly rate: $90

Nationality: 🇺🇸 United States

Residency: 🇺🇸 United States


Period Title Company
2021 - 2023 Principal Software Automation Engineer \Architect\Scrum Master Principal Software Automation Engineer \Architect\Scrum Master Poloniex
2019 - 2021 Principal Software Automation Engineer \Architect\Scrum Master Exacom
1996 - 2015 Principal QA Software Engineer \Scrum Master Fidelity Investments