Community Manager/Business Writer/Researcher

As a community manager, I have a deep passion for bringing people together and fostering meaningful connections. I have a track record of success in building and cultivating online communities, and have consistently demonstrated my ability to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all members.

One of my proudest accomplishments as a community manager was launching a successful community engagement campaign that increased member participation by 50%. I developed and implemented strategies that not only attracted new members, but also kept existing members engaged and coming back for more.

In addition to my experience in community building, I have a strong background in customer service and am skilled at mediating conflicts and resolving issues in a timely and effective manner. I am also proficient in social media management and have a knack for creating engaging content that resonates with my audience.

Overall, my experience as a community manager has prepared me to be a valuable asset to any organization looking to build and nurture a strong online community. I am confident that my skills and dedication to creating meaningful connections will make a positive impact on any community I am a part of.

Experience: 3 years

Yearly salary: $45,000

Hourly rate: $30

Nationality: 🇳🇬 Nigeria

Residency: 🇳🇬 Nigeria


Period Title Company
2021 - 2022 Community manager Jetvoy