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$120k - $180k
$120k - $180k

Join a fantastic, worldwide team of senior folks across their fields bringing a product to market that aims to do nothing less than change the world and eliminate global poverty. (Read more about Anatha and crypto)

We're looking for a Frontend Developer well versed in React, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. You'll be working in a small, horizontal startup team remotely with a lot of room for growth, responsibility and the flexibility to schedule your own work.

  • A startup position with responsibility. Together we'll make discisions about architecture, technologies, planning and more.
  • Flexible working hours and timezones
  • A horizontal company structure. All wages are horizontal and we grow together
  • Possibility to grow in mobile development (React Native)
  • Work with modular, scalable, design systems
  • Possibiities to work with JavaScript animation
  • Learn about crypto, blockchain, decentralised technologies and finance
  • Work with crypto related services and API's

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