DFINITY is hiring a
Web3 Senior Software Engineer - Systems

Compensation: $84k - $115k *

Location: ZH Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland

Do you love writing correct software, reasoning about space versus time, throughput and latency, and how your code runs on the bare metal? DFINITY is seeking experienced and aspiring systems software engineers with backgrounds in cloud technologies, operating systems, networking, security, virtualization, or other related fields to help solve interesting problems at the intersection of security, scalability, performance, and ease of use.

Systems software developers at DFINITY work on a broad array of problems including:

  • Building a scalable, secure, and deterministic application runtime
  • Installation, upgrade, and monitoring of our software across various public and private cloud providers
  • Monitoring and reasoning about the behavior of a network containing adversarial nodes
  • Automating all operations of the network to allow it to run “lights out”, not requiring human interventions

Some of the things that may be helpful preparation for a role at DFINITY include:

  • Experience shipping significant software systems or tooling as part of a medium to large organization.
  • A deep understanding of at least one systems software language, like C, C++, or Rust. Our systems developers work primarily in Rust (we will help you learn it).
  • Nice to have: Experience with virtualization and multi-cloud VM image creation and provisioning
  • Nice to have: Experience with containerization and container orchestration technologies
  • Experience deploying and operating systems that run 24x7x365 and building the monitoring, alarming, and tooling required to keep them healthy. Experience building systems that software developers and end-users love.
  • A Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, or closely related field. The unique challenges at DFINITY have attracted many engineers with advanced degrees, however your practical experience is more important to us than your educational background.
  • We know and respect that great software engineers come from a great variety of backgrounds. Where you come from is of interest to us, but what we care most about is what you cando.

* Please note, this is a full time role that requires onsite presence in our amazing office in central Zurich 3 days per week

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Compensation: $84k - $115k *

Location: ZH Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland

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