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AcroMeta Solutions LLC
$58k - $90k est.
United States US


Our team is composed of highly motivated web3 specialists who would love to work with other enthusiastic individuals. We are a team of unpaid entrepreneurs currently seeking funding for this project. As an early-stage start-up, we are looking to build a team of contributors and visionaries who wish to join our mission of unifying creativity and technology. This is a relaxed volunteer position with compensation available to contributors in the form of a vested token allocation and NFTs; however, in the event that we win any prize money competing in hackathons, contributors will be fairly compensated.

Seeking a passionate developer with skills in:

  • Smart Contract Programming (Solidity, web3.js, ether.js)
  • EVM Tooling (Truffle, Ganache, Hardhat, ETH Remix, etc)
  • React, TypeScript, Next.js, JavaScript
  • Firebase and cloud functions
  • MongoDB

AcroMeta Solutions LLC is a mission-driven company with a culture of execution and agility. Currently, the MVP of our flagship product, Mulletverse, is about 40% complete. Mulletverse is a blockchain-based multi-media ecosystem that bridges the gap between creative pursuits and modern technology. In order to work on building out some of our next components and integrate with the web3 community, we want to participate in hackathons. In addition to a strong team of professionals, we have product and business documentation, workflow management, and technical plans that have already been started or completed. Hopefully, our relationship will continue following the hackathon if we have a positive experience working together.