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$84k - $100k est.
United States US

My client is a small start up that is data science & research oriented company dedicated to understanding and designing next-gen decentralized networks. They are backed by top tier Crypto VC's. They use agent based and RL based simulations to optimize defi and gaming protocols. Their objective is to use cutting-edge data modeling to maximize their profitability while simultaneously ensuring economic security.


They are looking for a Quant Researcher with strong modeling and coding skills and domain expertise in Algo Trading and/or High Performance computing (cloud based).

You will be responsible for shaping and scaling their simulation platform that covers various technologies (CeFi, DeFi, GameFi etc) trading platforms and financial products (spots, derivatives, ETPs etc.)

Minimum Qualifications

  • Quantitative degree in Math, Stats, Comp Sci, Physics etc
  • PhD preferred
  • Advanced Python coding skills
  • Experience with Google Cloud Platform
  • Experience developing quant trading models at scale with short time horizon in top tier quant firm or traditional finance firm
  • Experience scaling ML (feature store, mlops, parallelization, vectorization etc)