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Anagram Ltd
$105k - $111k est.
United States US

Learn the ins and outs of the NFT ecosystem, facilitating data and analytical assistance as Anagram’s swiss army knife.


  • Strong analytical skills with an aptitude for slicing and dicing data, and an ability to think critically about how things work on the ground
  • Strong quantitative, financial statement and valuation skills
  • Ability to analyze and query large datasets

Crypto Expertise:

  • Familiarity with relevant crypto tools and forums (e.g., know your way around Crypto Twitter, Dune Analytics, navigating contracts on Etherscan, etc.)
  • Experience writing/reviewing smart contracts in Solidity, Rust etc and general knowledge of Javascript and Python
  • Experience querying and interacting with EVM & non-EVM Based blockchains
  • Understanding of low-level idiosyncrasies of popular blockchains including Ethereum, Solana & others
  • Familiar with the NFT ecosystem. Knowledge of building bots, setting alerts, keeping track of new listings, articles, updates, staying organized.
  • Knowledge of key management, multisig wallets, custodians (e.g. Fireblocks/Anchorage/Coinbase)


  • Exceptional communication abilities and work ethic
  • Ability to interact across cultures and businesses
  • Passion for cryptocurrency and blockchain
  • Intrinsically motivated to learn about crypto
  • Strong ethical code