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Engineering Internship 2023

$25k - $35k est.

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Engineering Internship 2023

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If someone comes up to you and says "supergraph" do you a) scream and run away, or b) find it incredibly difficult to contain your excitement as you enthusiastically ask to hear more? If you chose b) Apollo would LOVE to talk to you!

Apollo is on a mission to make application development easier, better, and accessible to more people - full stop. We currently build open source graph (GraphQL) tools and commercial services that are used by thousands of developers in production, around the world. Empowering developers to make a difference is our jam, and we would love to share and shape this journey with your help!

Apollo is over the moon happy to announce several available 2023 internships, covering a wide spectrum of the software and hardware engineering landscape. We’re looking for candidates interested in any mixture (or all!) of the following: full-stack/frontend/backend product engineering, distributed systems engineering, libraries/framework engineering, and ops work (no NFT positions - sorry!).

What You'll Do:

    • As mentioned above we have a lot of different positions available on several different teams. Depending on the position and team you join, you could help us with any (perhaps even all) of the following:
    • Work with our product management and design teams to implement new features in Apollo Studio, our commercial SaaS. You'll work with TypeScript, React, Tailwind, Node, a whole bunch of Apollo libraries like Apollo Client / Server, and of course GraphQL and Apollo Federation.
    • Work on bulletproofing and advancing our SaaS infrastructure, that is growing leaps and bounds daily. You'll get to work with awesome technologies like Kubernetes, Terraform, Druid, Kafka, PostgreSQL, and of course a TON of GraphQL. You'll work on stability and performance improvements while helping guarantee the highest uptimes possible, for some of the largest companies on the planet.
    • Help design and build next generation GraphQL infrastructure technology that will ultimately become a critical part of any GraphQL environment. We're blazing exciting new ground with Rust; you'll help us create, test and ship ultra secure and performance sensitive components that will be used in the critical path of many companies.
    • Design and build the future of distributed API's by helping drive our Apollo Server and Federation projects forward. You'll help to build, educate, and evangelize the benefits of federated schemas and the importance of adopting this new technology. You'll work with TypeScript and Node to maintain and expand the capabilities of these projects, along with a heavy dose of GraphQL and solid networking principles.
    • Help maintain and improve the most popular open source GraphQL client library, Apollo Client. You'll be working alongside incredible engineers to tackle hard problems with client side state management and data graphs, all while pushing the boundaries of modern graph based application development. TypeScript, Node, and React are some of the core technologies you'll work with on the web side, but you can also help our mobile teams out with their awesome Kotlin and Swift based native alternatives.
    • Help collaborate with and foster the Apollo OSS community by triaging community and customer issues, reviewing and merging PR's across different OSS projects, and helping community members out on our public forums. You'll get to meet a ton of new people from all over the world, and work in the open to help them with their Apollo / GraphQL journey.
    • Throughout all of the above, you'll be a core member of the team you pick, working hand-in-hand with our senior engineers, not side-lined on a low-impact project. We guarantee you'll gain a wide diversity of experience and come away learning more than you ever have in a previous internship.

About You:

    • You are excited about making complex data management easier for teams. Bonus points if that excitement includes GraphQL or Apollo!
    • You like to keep up with the latest developments in the frontend/backend web/native ecosystem; there is a LOT to stay on top of, so a passion for all things tech is critical.
    • You understand development workflows and care about building a high-quality experience that makes developers happy.
    • You enjoy helping people, having collaborative design discussions, and talking about your work, online and in person.
    • You have a positive, sunny communication >
    • You enjoy collaborating with others, reviewing code and getting your code reviewed, and seeking feedback often.
    • You are not afraid to ask for help when you need it and are generous with help when others ask.
    • You will graduate in 2024.
This position can be done remotely from anywhere in the US or Canada, or from our headquarters in San Francisco.

This is a paid, full-time internship lasting 3+ months. We are open to Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall 2023 interns.

Apollo is proud to be an equal-opportunity workplace dedicated to pursuing and hiring a talented and diverse workforce.

California residents applying for positions at Apollo can see our privacy policy here.

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