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Mission "Enter the World of Sports"

Table of Contents:

  • Mission and Principles
  • Description
  • Alternatives
  • Final Thoughts

Our Mission principles:

These are our Black ops to get specific goals done.

Our missions are focused on specific goals that we want to achieve. These missions will have special teams to fulfill the goal.

There are several principles that missions must adhere to:


The problems may be complex, but the solutions should be simple.

Team leader:

A team leader is designated to lead and coordinate the mission. It is responsible for getting the task done, meeting the goals, guaranteeing code quality, and ensuring the processes are in place.


We should think first about the technology we already use to find solutions. If it is not suitable for the purpose, we look for alternatives.


The execution follows our usual processes, Github tasks with an agile approach, in weekly sprints.

Mission Goal:

Build a registration and login flow with WEB2 and WEB3 support.

Mission Details:

This mission is what will allow users to be part of and participate in the world of sports created by Betarena.

We want to have a login and registration process that allows access to WEB2 resources and WEB3.

Among other things, this login will allow users.

  • Register with Betarena through WEB2 and WEB3;
  • Manage their profile on the platform;
  • Allow us to have access to the addresses and wallet data of the users that join through WEB3;
  • Allow us in the future through this access to be able to SWAP tokens (multiple tokens to Betarena Token);
  • Allow users through this access to buy Crypto through Fiat;
  • Allow them to top-up their Betarena account;
  • Allow them to make withdrawals from the amounts available in their Betarena account;
  • Add their wallet to publications that have minted NFT;
  • Allow them to mint NFT;
  • Interaction with our Smart Contracts;
  • Support for as many chains as possible;
  • Functionality that allows registration with Google, DIscord, Magic Links, Email, and other WEB2 alternatives;

Main Initial Job Responsibilities:

Development of a user onboarding authentication flow for Betarena, using WEB-3 and WEB-2 flows using Moralis API paired with Firebase Auth. You will be directly responsible for the entire user onboarding and have a say in how it will work. In addition, user data storing on Firebase Firestore and user management will be required.

📌 Is a Requirement

  • Typescript
  • Knowledge of WEB-3 and Solidity development
  • Development workflow using Vanilla JS and HTML and/or knowledge of popular JS Frameworks, such as SvelteKit, Svelte or VueJs
  • Use of Firebase (DBs and Auth) is required
  • Writing up documentation and keeping code clean and commented
  • Working with WEB-3 Moralis API

➕ Is a Plus

  • User Authentication flows for both WEB-3 and WEB-2 onboarding and login
  • Interaction with Smart Contract using Web3.js or Ethers.js

📌 General Qualifications

  • 2+ years of experience working with solidity
  • 2+ years of experience in a language outside of solidity, such as C#, Rust, Python, Js/Ts
  • Experience gas optimizing smart contracts
  • Strong communication skills and ability to work in a team environment
  • Ability to work individually

💲 Compensation::

The hourly rate can range from $25 to $50; the successful candidate must present a proposal of value to successfully accomplish the mission. Missions are concrete tasks with a clear outcome and, therefore, should have a fixed value.