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Freelancer, Full-time · Remote
What you will do
  • Build and maintain Python-based LLM applications and Autonomous Agents

  • Utilize best of class tools within LLM ecosystem (e.g. Langchain, LlamaIndex, etc)

  • Utilize best-of-class indexing tools (e.g. RAG, Vector Databases, etc)

  • Utilize best-of-class Agent-based LLM tooling (e.g. AutoGPT, RoboGPT, SuperAGI, etc)

  • Research and keep up with SOTA LLM models (e.g. GPT-4, LLaMA-based models, etc)

Who you are
  • Experience with LLMs, including popular foundation models like GPT-4, Claude, and local AIs like Llama2

  • Experience with LLM related development, e.g. Llamaindex, Langchain, Vector DBs, Prompt Engineering etc

  • Nice to have Experience running LLMs in production (e.g. LLMOps, Observability etc) 

  • Proficiency in English communication, both written and verbal, for effective collaboration within an international team setting
What we can offer you
  • Do you need resources to pursue your professional goals? → We got you covered with a personal education and conference budgets; 
  • Is there something that you would like to try out within our projects? → You can use your Friday afternoons on research or on a side project in our ecosystem;
  • Our hierarchy is flat, so there is no chance to get lost in vertical looking organizational structure;
  • Not really an early bird? No worries! → Flexible working schedules and remote work policies are, for a long time, part of our culture;
  • And do not worry about your equipment and subscriptions. We’ll equip you with the latest hardware and provide you all tools you need! 
But most important - grow with us! We're growing rapidly, the industry is expanding fast, and we have a lot to do. If you're someone who loves taking initiative and getting things done, there are a lot of opportunities for you at Gnosis. We’re enthusiastic about our shared mission and enjoy spending time together!
Please apply with your (English) resume. We look forward to your application!

At Gnosis, we strive to create an inclusive environment that empowers our employees. We believe that our products and services benefit from our diverse backgrounds and experiences and are proud to be an equal opportunity employer: all qualified applicants are considered for positions regardless of race, ethnic origin, age, religion or belief, marital status, gender identification, sexual orientation, or physical ability.
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About us

Gnosis boasts an unparalleled track record of experimentation and building decentralized infrastructure for the Ethereum ecosystem. When Gnosis was founded in 2015, it focused on building prediction markets to enable worldwide access to accurate information. Today, as a DAO, Gnosis uses the products that it creates to transparently guide decisions on the development, support, and governance of its ecosystem. Safe, Cow Protocol, Conditional Tokens, Gnosis Auction, Zodiac, Agnostic Relay, and MEV Blocker are all products and protocols incubated by Gnosis.  

In November 2021, the xDai and GnosisDAO communities voted to combine their vibrant ecosystems to create the Gnosis Chain, an EVM compatible, community owned network that prioritizes credible neutrality. Secured by over 125k validators around the world, Gnosis Chain ensures a secure and resilient infrastructure. Users and developers on Gnosis Chain can also take advantage of familiar tooling and trust-minimized bridges to the Ethereum mainnet. Gnosis Chain employs the same execution and consensus layer clients as Ethereum, ensuring seamless integration with all future EIPs.

Most recently, we launched Gnosis Pay, the first decentralized payment network allowing web3 developers to integrate with a range of traditional payment schemes including Visa. Gnosis Pay allows users to spend their digital assets anywhere Visa is accepted with the same quick, seamless transactions they expect from a traditional debit card. 

Embrace the future of decentralized technology with Gnosis Chain, and join us as we continue to shape the next generation of web3 advancements. Together, we are building a decentralized ecosystem that empowers users and fosters global innovation.

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