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Senior Distributed Systems Engineer

Polymer Labs
$150k - $200k

This job is closed

About the role

You will be a key early hire joining our core blockchain engineering team. You will apply your experience working with high scale distributed systems in the web2 space to the various problems associated with building a blockchain network for multi chain messaging. Web3 and blockchain experience is explicitly not required.

You will

  • You will work on solving complex distributed systems and consensus problems at scale
  • Work on the core blockchain messaging layer, distributed key management and multi-chain observer infrastructure
  • You will help to make our infrastructure and validator node architecture scale to meet the messaging needs of the crypto protocols using our platform
  • Use Go and cosmos SDK to build highly scalable and reliable distributed BFT systems
  • Define and refine validator node operation using containerization and orchestration systems like Docker and Kubernetes
  • You will work on large scale simulation testing and use results for performance optimization of things like the threshold cryptography implementations used internally
  • Operate large-scale validator node clusters

What you will achieve

In the first month, you will build a deep understanding of Polymer Lab’s core protocol and begin contributing to the product. You will have time to learn about the space, our customer’s needs, and the underlying technology. Within 3 months, you will be fully integrated into the team and become a core contributor to the core protocol (polymerase) and a foundational member of the infrastructure team.

You have

  • The ability to independently own projects from inception to delivery (i.e. plan and gather requirements, collaborate with other team members)
  • Pre-existing experience on how to build high scale systems and experience with building sophisticated application services
  • A passion for growing and up-leveling your peers, and have pre-existing mentoring experience and a nuanced view around how to help junior engineers grow
  • - Ability to manage time and focus on the critical path of a project
  • Experience with Go or C++, Java, C#, Rust
  • Experience developing and or operating distributed systems at scale
  • Experience with monitoring and alerting
  • Experience with Linux and open source communities

About the team

The engineering team is a diverse group of people with backgrounds working at a variety of both web2 and web3 organizations like Uber, Chronosphere, BadgerDAO and Bancor etc. Polymer Labs is a software development shop supporting the Polymer protocol and associated products which will be managed by Polymer DAO (decentralized autonomous organization).

Our Benefits

Health insurance coverage Free lunches Competitive salary Equity/Token grants Incentive compensation

Polymer Labs is an equal opportunity employer. You're encouraged to apply even if your experience doesn't line up exactly with the job description.