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Blockchain Protocol Developer Golang

Sarva Labs

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Sarva Labs is are looking for Golang Developers with Blockchain experience to join our Protocol Development Team. As a Protocol Developer, you will work on components of the MOI Protocol, which is the World’s First Context Aware Peer to Peer Network for enabling Personalized Global Value Networks.

*Skill Requirements *

  • Strong Experience with Golang. You must be able to write clean idiomatic code and have a solid understanding of Go’s standard library, concurrency primitives, tooling and testing practices.
  • Experience with libp2p or any other P2P networking stack.
  • Good understanding of Software Development Best Practices
  • Computer Science and Distributed Systems Fundamentals.
  • Consensus Protocols, Distributed Hash Tables, Log Replication, P2P Networking
  • Codecs (Streaming and Compression Algorithms)
  • Compilers (Assembly Languages and Virtual Stack Machines)
  • General Blockchain Knowledge - Ethereum & EVM Fundamentals, IPFS, Libp2p, etc.
  • Interest in topics such as Proof-Of-Stake, Consensus Algorithms, Decentralization, Public Key Cryptography, etc.

Educate everyone around you and get educated. Blockchain is new. We all need to learn together.

Sarva Labs focuses on Blockchain / Cryptocurrency. Their company has offices in New York City, San Francisco, Bengaluru, Princeton, and Hyderabad. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees.

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