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Web3 Integration Specialist AAA Space Shooter Game

Striker Games

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We are a premier game studio nearing completion of an AAA space shooter game, powered by Unreal Engine 5. Our vision is to set a new standard in gaming by embedding Web3 functionalities into our game, thus empowering players with true ownership through NFTs and smart contracts.

Project Overview:
We seek a skilled Web3 Development Team with experience in both blockchain technology and game development, specifically within Unreal Engine environments. The project's focus is to seamlessly integrate blockchain features into our game, enhancing player interaction with innovative Web3 capabilities.


  • On-Chain Wallet Creation: Implement a system within the UE5 game client that facilitates the creation of on-chain wallets for users across multiple EVM Layer 2 networks (Arbitrum, zkSync, and Blast L2). Utilize ERC4337 account abstraction, preferably through established vendors like Biconomy, to ensure a user-friendly setup process.
  • Blockchain-Enabled In-Game Transactions: Develop functionality that allows players to perform in-game transactions using their integrated wallets, enabling data inscription onto the blockchain directly from the game client. Transactions should be smooth and the related information should be clearly displayed within the game's UI.
  • Smart Contract Integration: Leverage provided smart contracts on each specified network to support the game's Web3 functionalities, ensuring seamless interaction and high-level security.

Project Timeline: The project is to be completed within a 1-week timeframe from the start date.