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Taiyaki Studios


$100k - $200k

AI Prototyping Engineer

Taiyaki Studios
$100k - $200k

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San Francisco or Remote

Concept Artist

Taiyaki is looking for an engineer to prototype tooling that can accelerate the way we build 3D avatars for virtual content creators. We are looking for someone with experience building creative machine learning tools and models to render real-time virtual characters for our multi-verse of brands across platforms, from short videos with AR to immersive games. Preferably you have experience with virtual characters and games, familiarity with Unreal Engine and up to date on the latest virtual production technologies. We are focused on building characters and brands that can be utilized across a variety of platforms such as Twitch, Youtube, NFT platforms, and more!


  • Design models and tooling to rapidly render virtual characters
  • Build for a variety of emerging technologies and software platforms
  • Stay up to date on latest Unreal Engine developments, modules, and virtual production tricks
  • Work within a team of artists, engineers, and designers to produce characters across a suite of experiences and brands

  • 3+ years relevant experience in ML tooling
  • Experience understanding basic shaders and renders for characters
  • A portfolio of projects demonstrating scrappy prototyping and unique machine learning applications and models.
  • Intimate knowledge of industry standard virtual production process and technology (Unity, Unreal)
  • Experience working with and communicating within a multidisciplinary team of artists, virtual producers, and animators for content creation
Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience creating and managing large-scale character collections is a massive bonus (e.g. NFT collections like Adzuki)
  • Experience working with latest virtual tooling, such as AR and production hardware.
  • Strong English communication skills
To Apply:

  • Email [email protected] with the subject [AI Prototyping Engineer] and a PDF (<5 mb) or link to a body of work