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XinFin[XDC] Network

Singapore, Singapore

$15k - $16k

Distributed Systems Blockchain Engineer

XinFin[XDC] Network
$15k - $16k

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XinFin is a hybrid blockchain protocol powered by XDC Coin. XinFin has a ethereum compatible layer1 protocol built to scale with 2 seconds finality, transaction throughput of 2000 tps tested so far and gas fees of a millionth of Ethereum. XinFin achieves this with XDPoS, a PBFT consensus protocol powered by masternodes that stake 10 million XDCs.

XinFin Network has a hybrid bridge with Corda network where both public and private transactions can happen on XinFin Network public chain and Corda Network private chain at the same time.

For institutions and enterprises, XinFin Network is primarily positioned in Trade Finance, payments and settlements, payment obligations and business logic smart contracts. Other applications include (decentralised oracle), education) and many more.

XinFin Network is also a scaling solution for ethereum where value can be locked on ethereum network and wrapped on XinFin to carry transactions at lowest of the cost and very fast settlement times. This enables DeFI and NFT projects on ethereum to scale with XinFin Network using HTLC (Hash time locked contract bridge)

XinFin Network is Governed by it’s independent masternodes and a foundation consisting of masternodes owners.

We're looking for passionate, mission-aligned engineers to work on XinFin XDPoS protocol: the open-source reference implementation derived from fork of Ethereum. You'll get to develop and work on a hybrid peer-to-peer networks that must be resilient in an adversarial setting: changing IPs(e.g. behind a NAT); network partitions; unstable group membership; non innumerable set of peers; actively malicious peers. You'll also work on a novel consensus algorithm(XinFin Delegated Proof of Stake-XDPoS) that is both energy efficient and secure.

This role is ideal for engineers with expertise in blockchains, distributed systems or compilers, an eye for security in protocol design and a high-bar for code quality.
What you'll do:
Contribute to the development, maintenance, and testing of the XinFin layer1 blockchain blockchain. The XinFin blockchain is under active development, and as part of your role, you will be tasked with designing new features, improving the performance and reliability of the blockchain, and helping ensure that the XinFin blockchain can serve as a reliable, secure, and performant foundation for the entire XinFin Network ecosystem.
Implement rigorous and thorough monitoring and testing practices to meet the security and performance requirements of the XinFin Network blockchain
Design and implement blockchain supporting tools and utilities(e.g., CLI client, tools for exploring the blockchain, monitoring, benchmarking or debugging tools)
Collaborate with other teams on new product features that have a dependency on the XinFin Network blockchain(e.g. developer tooling, UX for transaction signing, 3rd party integrations etc)
What we're looking for:
3+ years of hands on experience in a production environment with one or more of: public blockchains; consensus protocols; large-scale distributed systems; applied cryptography; compilers; any other equivalent / adjacent technology
Experience working on and designing tests for long-running projects
Experience testing distributed systems for behaviors in the presence of faults, network partitions, and network delays
Excellent communication and collaboration skills
Working knowledge of the limitations and complexities involved in peer-to-peer systems
Working knowledge of programming language interpreters, compilers, and static analysis
We'd also love to see:
Experience with designing, implementing, and benchmarking highly performant programs.
Experience working on a large, complex, distributed system such as a distributed database, cluster controllers, etc.
Experience working on open-source projects
Experience collaborating on a distributed team
What we offer:
Competitive Salary(regardless of location, benchmarked annually)
Bounties in XDC Coins, $XDC is the native cryptocurrency of the XinFin network
Monthly co-working space reimbursement

Daily Lunch Reimbursement(even if you’re remote!)
Open Vacation Policy, take the days you need
Family-Friendly Health Benefits
Free Life and Disability Insurance

Please note that benefits vary by country, the ones shown above are for our full time U.S. based employees. Benefit information for non-US based positions will be provided to individuals who interview for those roles.

About Us:

XinFin Network was founded in 2017. XinFin network is backed by its founders, partners, masternodes and community members that work across the globe. XinFin Network circulating market cap is approx 450 Million USD and close to 1.5 Billion USD in fully diluted market cap.

XinFin Network partners and community members are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and deeply care about building a diverse team. XinFin Community is committed to building an inclusive environment for people of all backgrounds. XinFin Community does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, disability, national origin, protected veteran status, age, or any other status protected by law.

XinFin[XDC] Network focuses on Blockchain / Cryptocurrency. Their company has offices in San Francisco and Singapore. They have a mid-size team that's between 51-200 employees.

You can view their website at or find them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.