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Senior Golang Backend Developer

Xion Global
$70k - $95k

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Company Overview:
Xion Global is a frontrunner in web3 payments infrastructure, serving a diverse clientele ranging from enterprise to small-to-medium businesses. We enable seamless multi-chain web3 payments through user-friendly APIs or hosted checkouts. Our comprehensive services include product creation, management, analytics, and a robust multi-chain architecture that accommodates payments via a variety of DEX/Bridge aggregators, relayers, smart contracts, and both EVM and non-EVM networks. We are in search of a Senior Golang Backend Developer with an in-depth grasp of the web3 landscape to amplify our architecture and scaling capabilities.

1) Responsibilities:
- Design, Develop, and Maintain: Create, sustain, and evolve backend services and APIs primarily using Golang.
- Cross-Functional Collaboration: Work closely with frontend developers, designers, and product managers to develop high-quality, scalable, and secure blockchain-based applications.
- Blockchain Integration: Interface with various blockchain networks, smart contracts, and decentralized technologies.
- Performance and Scalability: Ensure the backend infrastructure is performant, scalable, and secure.
- Code Quality: Write clean, well-documented, and maintainable code that adheres to best practices.
- Troubleshooting: Resolve issues in the production environment efficiently.
- Code Reviews: Participate in code reviews, aiming to elevate development processes and best practices.
- Industry Awareness: Stay updated on the latest trends and advancements in blockchain technology and backend development.
- Cloud Application Development: Contribute to the design, development, and implementation of a high-performance and resilient backend cloud application.
- Data and Architecture: Support a cross-functional setup of scalable data structures, distributed storage, and computing architecture.
- Global Reach: Contribute to the design and development of systems that serve data with low latency to a global audience.
- Production Management: Run, scale, and maintain production software, ensuring frequent and fast deployments.
- Startup Growth: Actively contribute to the growth and vision of our ambitious startup.
- Unit Testing: Write unit tests to validate code functionality.
- Observability: Integrate observability through OpenTelemetry.
- Monitoring and Alerts: Utilize Prometheus and Grafana for metrics and alerting.
- Authentication: Implement JWT-based authentication.
- APIs: Develop and maintain RESTful APIs.
- Notifications: Integrate with Access Control Lists (ACL) via GRPC.
- Pub/Sub Testing: Validate publish-subscribe patterns with orders using NATS.
- Key Management: Oversee Key Management Services.
- Blockchain Exploration: Work with block explorers like RPCs, Infura, and Quicknode.
- Real-Time Communication: Implement Websockets and Webhooks.
- Event-Driven Architecture: Develop and maintain an event-driven backend architecture.
- Cloud Services: Utilize AWS for cloud-based solutions.
- Database Management: Work with MongoDB and other databases.
- Message Streaming: Implement and manage Kafka for message streaming.

2) Requirements:
- Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or a related field.
- 4+ years of experience in backend development, primarily using Golang.
- Proficiency in RESTful APIs, JWT Auth, and high-volume data streaming and processing systems.
- Experience with databases like MongoDB and cloud platforms like AWS.
- Strong understanding of blockchain technology, consensus algorithms, and smart contracts.
- Familiarity with version control systems, such as Git.
- Strong problem-solving, communication, and collaboration skills.
- Ability to work independently in a fast-paced environment.

3) Nice-to-Haves:
- Experience with frontend technologies like React, Angular, or Vue.js.
- Familiarity with smart contract languages like Solidity or Rust.
- Contributions to open-source blockchain projects or active community participation.
- Experience in peer-to-peer software systems and applications.
- Previous experience in node.js, typescript, Javascript.
- Experience in large-scale infrastructure services.

What We Offer at Xion Global
- Remote Flexibility: Enjoy the freedom of a fully remote work environment.
- Cutting-Edge Technology: Work with state-of-the-art technology and a team of experienced and passionate colleagues.
- Communication Tools: We use Slack, Jira, and Notion for seamless communication and sprint tracking.
- Monthly Meetups: Engage in recurring, collaborative virtual meetup weeks featuring team-building events.
- Ownership and Responsibility: Each team member is entrusted with at least one significant topic or project that they fully own.

Our Culture
At Xion Global, we are committed to excellence and inclusivity. We welcome individuals from all walks of life who are eager to contribute to a future where everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed. While we are a fully remote team, we place a high value on collaboration and communication, facilitated through tools like Slack, Jira, and Notion.

The Recruiting Process
Application Submission: Please submit your LinkedIn Profile or CV along with the application form.
Kickoff Call: Successful candidates will be invited for an initial kickoff call to discuss the role and expectations.
Tailored Interview Process: We conduct a streamlined remote interview process, specifically designed based on the role and seniority level.

Team Onboarding: Within a matter of days, you could be an integral part of the Xion Global team!

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